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TOSHIMA + A Multifandom RP based on Togainu no Chi

A Multifandom/OC RP based off of Togainu no Chi

Some time in the 21st Century, "The Third Division" [or World War III] took place. Among those countries on the losing side of the war was Japan, which soon erupted into civil war. Eventually Tokyo, a source of heated contention between the CFC to the north and Nikkouden to the south, had turned into a red-light district: swarmed by individuals looking for drugs, prostitutes and an escape from their demolished lives.

In the absence of government and law, the drug syndicate Vischio claimed rule of the city and renamed it 'Toshima' in honour of its grand rebirth. Soon afterwards, a fighting tournament was established as a means of quelling the ever-growing population: a tournament known as Igura. Killing as part of the tournament is not only allowed, but encouraged, and the goal is simple: defeat Il-Re, Vischio's leader, and you may earn the right to rule Toshima.

However, this new kind of world order was soon to be disrupted.

People began arriving. Not the usual people, down-and-out Japanese with nothing left but their ruined lives, no: strange people. People with all manner of bizarre appearance and strange tales of distant homelands, distant home worlds- Attempts were made, initially, to send these people to other countries, but diplomatic restrictions on immigration out of Japan were not to be lifted and so these strangers remained, placing an ever-increasing burden on the island's incredibly limited post-war resources. Vishio began to greet all in-coming strangers with the same unyielding addendum:

They were obligated to choose to either participate in the deadly tournament of Igura, submit themselves to a life of prostitution in the service of Vishio, or participate in the drug trade in and around the city of Toshima. It was one of these, or guaranteed slaughter, and Vishio considered themselves quite gracious for offering the gift of choice to these trespassers.

Welcome to Toshima. You are not welcome here.

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