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OVA in English!

I'm not sure if many people have heard yet, but yesterday I picked up my Anime Insider magazine from the post office, and there happened to be an interesting article about the Fullmetal Alchemist OVA's that were released last year around the time of the movie coming out in DVD in Japan. Apparently they are releasing the Fullmetal Alchemist Premium Collection which will feature all three (or four? i can't remember) of the OVA's! I'm PRETTY sure it will be released in English, but the article actually didn't make that too clear, only saying they were releasing the OVA's here in America, but i'm thinking we can assume they would be in English, no? No set release date was revealed either, but I'm uber excited! I loved the OVA's!
SO yeah, just thought i'd let the world know :3

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