a little more bite, a little less bark (sister_coyote) wrote in fm_alchemist,
a little more bite, a little less bark

Fic: Cinder and Smoke (FMA manga; Hawkeye, Mustang; R-ish)

Title: Cinder and Smoke
Summary: Her burden is too heavy to carry alone, and yet to share it is dangerous indeed. Mangaverse.
Word Count: 5600
Rating: R-ish
Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Hawkeye Sr.; definitely some Roy/Riza content, though the story is mainly Hawkeye-centric rather than pairing-y.
Warnings: Mild violence, implied sex. Spoilers through chapter 62 of the manga.
Notes: The title and section headers are from the Iron & Wine song "Cinder and Smoke," which also served as the inspiration for this piece. The story is a bit of an experiment with moving around the timeline; I hope it works for you!

This is a repost of an entry for fma_fic_contest.

( What Riza should feel is grief. )

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