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FMA Wii game info

That's the official website. I can't wait till this game is released~

Who will end this?

The "Messenger of Peace" from warring neighbour country, Aerugo, has come to visit.
The Capital Central City has hosted a prosperous welcoming festival Karunabaru. (I'll just leave it in katakana)
However, despite the joy, the curtain of a mysterious case has been opened.
Fullmetal Alchemist Ed and Al, step forth to the hidden truth behind the festival.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Prince of the Dawn
The brothers who learned of the truth of the world head towards north, seeking for hope.
This is an untold story about an encounter before their departure.
- This is a new original story with tie ups to the original comic volume 16. -
Scheduled release on Wii, 2009 Summer.

Ed: I'm sure everyone from who used to be at Eastern Headquarters have come back to Central...
Why don't we go say hi to them?

Al: Hmm, it's about noon... (this line is ambiguous because we can't be sure if Al is talking to Ed. This can very well be a random screenshot from the game)

Winry: The unknown possibilities are bound to be hidden at a dangerous looking place like this!

Armstrong: There are times you do hit!/You've hit the exact time! (Again, can't exactly tell what he is saying because we don't know the content of the rest of the conversation... He could be commenting on your ability with a mini task, or something else.)

Ed: That's right!
Item: Screwdriver
Instruction: Fill up the gauge by screwing it!

Map: In front of clock tower
Instruction: Collect all the tools for repairing the automail before 12 o'clock!

Winry: I definitely can't forgive you, especially today!
You've shattered my super important exhibit production!

Feury: I'm glad that only the automail was broken. Right, Warrant Officer Falman?

Screencaps from Alchemist94.

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