Your God (cellophanegod) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Your God

STARFUCKERS + Multifandom Roleplay

STARFUCKERS is an alternate universe roleplay inspired by the music of Nine Inch Nails.

One hundred and eight years ago, the world as we know it came to an end.

Terrorists attacked the city of Los Angeles during the Oscars. The entire city was leveled by nuclear bombs.

They put drugs in the water, to keep the people complacent.
The United States government suspended habeas corpus, and the free nation became a theocracy.

People fought, and resisted.
Those people disappeared.

God's hand reached down, and made his Presence known.
And then it was over.

Now, in 0110/2130, the world is a very different place.

Climate change has drastically affected the geography of the world, and the government's hold has been shaken by time and terrorism. They have a war to deal with. Citizens to keep under control.

Disease and extreme weather are rampant. Natural disasters and war are commonplace, almost expected.

 Don't be worried. The Parepin will keep you nice and calm, no matter what happens- Or what you see.

Strange things have happened. Keep an eye on the sky- Fear what could come from it. You should be terrified, if you believe the stories.



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