owashinoken (owashinoken) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Question: Character Profiles on Full Metal Alchemist 2 website


Am a newbie to this community, not to mention the whole FMA experience. My friend just recently leant me her complete set of Full Metal Alchemist DVDs and I must admit I found myself getting hooked.

I learned that there's going to be a second series (HOORAY!) so I went over to the website to check out the trailer. But having no knowledge of the Japanese language, obviously I couldn't read the character profiles.


Would anyone here happen to know if there's an English version of the character profiles that are on the FMA2 site? Could someone at least provide a rough translation? Oh, I might as well ask. I haven't read a single manga of FMA. Does this mean FMA2 will be focusing on stories in the manga???

Would appreciate any help!!! Thanks a lot!!
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