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FMA fanfic :)

Title: Simply Never
Rating: T
Characters: Ed, Al, New Characters
Warnings: Tragedy
Summary: A girl wakes up in hospital, having lost everything she has at the hands of alchemy. In an echo ofEd's past mistakes, she craves to bring a loved on back to life, and to wreak revenge. When she meets the Full Metal Alchemist, she thinks she has found her chance.




Whatever it takes


The chimera came towards her. She screamed, and shut her eyes. What else could she do? Both her arms were broken, and the stupid beast had gashed her legs with deep cuts, making it impossible to defend herself, or even escape. She gasped as its clawed foot rose, and swiped at her.




Sarah awoke gasping, the hospital sheets tangled around her body. She kicked them off and sat up, looking at the gloomy hospital room. Her eyes were drawn to the vase of yellow daffodils next to her, and she stared at them absently. Again the same dream, always the same dream. When were these nightmares going to cease? Sarah pulled her eyes away from the flowers, and gazed out of the window and the storm raging outside. Rain fell savagely, and the shrieking wind tried to destroy everything in its sight. She sighed. When was the boy with the golden eyes going to return? He had promised that once she had gotten better from that attack, she could go with them. ‘I will become a really good alchemist,’ she though, ‘and bring back my sister!’ She thought back to that hot, summer night at home, where she and her sister Nami had lived alone together-their parents had died in a train accident nine years ago. She had been 6 then; Nami had looked after her up to last week. Although Nami had only been 13 when they lost their parents, she had matured quickly and had taken care of Sarah just as well as mum had. And now, only last week…That stupid chimera…it killed her! And what had she done? Nothing. She had run and hid. Tears threatened to fall, but Sarah shook her head. No more crying! She grabbed the blankets in anger and frustration. ‘I will bring her back,’ she whispered to the howling night, ‘whatever it takes.’



Chapter One



Three days later ‘golden eyes’ appeared. The weather had improved, and soft rays of sunlight shone through the window, making the room seem much less bleak than it had appeared before. The walls were a light pink, and there was a small television hanging from the ceiling. Little tables were set against the walls, with all of Sarah’s belongings on them-these consisted of a small, brown backpack, and a few clothes and books scattered messily over the tables. Her bedside table still had the same yellow daffodils, only now they had began wilting.

“So, are you better now?” He said boisterously. Sarah nodded, and smiled when he sat down on a chair and tossed a packet at her. “Al thought you’d like some sweets,” he said all too casually, “Don’t think hospital food is the greatest.”

“Thanks. Who’s Al?”

“He’s my younger brother.”

“Oh...Er...So are we leaving soon? I can leave now, if you want.”

“Well…” The boy looked uncomfortable. He shifted in the chair, and looked guiltily at her. “You see…you can’t come, Sarah. It’s too dangerous, and…and you don’t even know any alchemy or anything. And you’re so young as well…”

“But...but you told me you’d take me with you...you said that if I got better-”

 “I said that when you got better, we could take you anywhere if you needed! Like a friend’s or something! And then leave you there! You are too young! Don’t be so stupid!”

You felt anger and betrayal well up inside you. He’d lied! He’d twisted his words around, like some little politician or something, making her believe what he had wanted her to.

“Well, if you taught me, I bet you I could learn! And I’m 15! You’re like, the same age no? Taking your size into account… And you’re parading around, with your alchemist cloak, and travelling all over the world!”

The golden eyed boy blushed deeply. He opened his mouth to retort something back at her, when the discussion was interrupted by a knock on the door, followed by the entrance of a huge metal armour walking into the room, holding its head under its arms. The armour was hollow inside, except for a small kitten that was meowing from inside the empty body. You screamed inside your head. A frikkin’ walking armour!


“Hey brother.” Brother?!?!?! As in Al?!?! Sarah’s mouth fell open, and she sat gaping at it...him...Al. As you stared, the armour twitched, and must have realised the atmosphere was crackling with tension, since it hesitated before going on. “Well...I just found this cat, isn’t it funny, it’s been abandoned, hehe, so I thought we could...” One look from his brother silenced him, and he went on “But I guess we can’t, because...because...”

“Because it would be a load on our shoulders that we don’t need.” He finished, looking at Sarah pointedly.

“Oh, I guess...she-the cat’s a girl-would be quite hard to look after...Dangerous and all that...”

“Too right. As I said: a dead weight.”

Sarah flinched at the words she knew were directed at her, and glared with hatred at that stupid spoilt shrimp. The talking walking armour called Al, gently took out the kitten from his inside, put her on the floor, and put on his helmet. He turned to you.

“Hey Sarah! I’m Al, big brother’s been talking quite a lot about you!” Another furious look from his brother silenced him. “Oh...umm...Ed...” So that was his name...Sarah’s eyes flashed triumphantly when she saw Ed’s flash with annoyance. Ha.

“Let’s go Al, we have work.” Said Ed abruptly, and he got up and walked towards the door, stopping there to wait for his brother. Al walked out of it, and Sarah heard his voice fade away as he said,

“But...what about Sarah? She has no-one left…she told you, remember? And we could teach her alchemy, and have another pair of helping hands, don’t you think?”

“No.” replied Ed with a complete sense of finality. Sarah followed Al’s wisp of pompom from his helmet, and jumped as Ed slammed the door shut.




“Al…don’t you see? Look at us! We can’t take her with us! What kind of life would we be making her lead? And she obviously wants to try and bring her family back…Al” the boy’s voice was barely a whisper, “I don’t want the girl’s life to be ruined by an impossible dream…I don’t want her to go through the pain that we went through.”


“I’ll wait for you outside. Go and talk to her.”




Sarah sat up when she heard the door open. It was the armour.

“Hey…Sarah. I’m sorry. But…you really can’t come. And don’t hate Ed! He’s just really immature. He can’t accept that he’s worried for you.”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” Stupid walking armour. It was none of his business. Sarah lay down in the hospital bed, and turned her back to him, her mind already made up. She heard that pile of metal shuffling away uncertainly, and the moment you heard the door shut behind him, you got up and began packing your few belongings. As she did this, she heard a meowing, and felt something rub itself against her legs. Sarah looked down and swore under her breath. They’d left the damn cat behind. She squatted down to stroke it, and murmured,

“So you’ve been left behind too. I can’t take you with me you know.” The small animal sat down and tilted her head, bright green eyes glinting at Sarah. They seemed to say, ‘Hypocrite’. Sarah’s face broke into a grin.

“Ok, I’ll take you with me then, little miss. You can be called...” Sarah put her finger to her chin, and frowned in mock concentration. She snapped her fingers dramatically. “Namine. Similar-ish to my sister’s name, but not enough for it to be said I have an obsession, right?” Namine meowed again, and leapt onto the table, sitting next to the backpack. Sarah looked at her consideringly. Some company would not be bad. She finished shoving belongings in the backpack, stopped, ran to the vase, picked a single flower and put that in her hair, tying it intricately with strings of hair to keep it fixed.

 ‘If they think they can get rid of us so easily,’ she muttered as she hitched the bag onto her shoulders, ‘they’ve got something coming.’ You took of the horrible hospital robe, put on your own clothes, and looked outside the window. You smiled. You had been climbing all your life, three floors was going to be a piece of cake. You began climbing down, Namine following nimbly behind you, surprisingly nimble for a cat.

“I’m going to follow those two brothers.” You muttered, “Even if it takes me to the other end of the World.”


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