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Repost: Fanfic: Branded - Kiss and Tell - Part 2 [EdXWin]

Series: Branded
Chapter 2: Kiss and Tell - Part 2
Author: ibshafer
Rating: R – for language
Character/Pairing: Mostly convo between Ed and Al, then EdXWin… or is it WinXEd?…
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, they own themselves and are just nice enough to let me spin them around the page now and then.
Summary: In which Alphonse tries to get his brother to…um, tell..
Warnings: profanity, some kissy-face stuff, nothing explicit; higher rating in later chapters…
Note: The mention of Pride, Rage, etc… in this story refers not to any homunculi, but to various aspects of the personality of one Edward Elric.


A/N – OK, so I need to do some Repost ‘Splainin’: This is the second chapter of a long-ass series I’ve been working on since before, I suspect, some of you were even born… For reminder’s sake, those chapters are Branded (in which Ed finds…well, see above), Kiss and Tell (in which Alphonse tries to get his brother to…um, tell) and the mammoth (58 pages and counting) Learning Curve (in which Ed and Winry finally get some alone time and… the course of true love runs anything but smoothly…) I…am… now…close…to…(so…hard…to…get…these…words…out…)…actually…finishing…Learning Curve…and…[smacks self in head in effort to reset stutter!]  I thought that (that’s better!) a refresher might be a good idea – it’s been nearly three years since I first posted Branded and almost as long since I posted the first part of Learning Curve. How can I expect anyone to remember what all has gone on – or even care? So over the next couple weeks, as I finish up LC (thanks to a much needed kick in the pants from[info]alchemyotaku75  (often accompanied by a bribe…) I will be reposting the previous bits for said refresher. Hope those of you for whom this is old news don’t mind, but I didn’t want anyone to be lost when I cranked the Learning Curve machine back up again… Enjoy!

Kiss and Tell - Part 2


[From Part 1...]

That’s when his hormones, gleeful for the break in the brain chatter and thrilled to finally, finally get some air time, got together, en masse, and began flashing images of his make-out session with Winry through his poor, bedraggled brain…

Winry pressed against him, his back to the house, feeling her … her curves; even through all those layers of clothing he wore (why did he wear so much clothing?) he could feel her …her soft…soft body…

Winry’s lips against his, her tongue tracing the line of his own; suckling, licking, biting, …oooh…

 The little noises she made in the back of her throat when he stroked her tongue with his, the way her breath caught when he’d spun her around and pressed himself into her… there… 

South of the border, he was starting to go numb. His lower lip was contemplating going slack enough to start drooling again, when his speech center, which had been on hold during the slide show, decided it had something to say.

You’re brother’s still sitting there staring at you, you know. He’s waiting for an answer. What are you going to tell him...

Al was sitting there staring at him, somehow, after all his impatience, calmly waiting.


I don’t know… I don’t--I don’t kiss and tell… Well, I’ve never kissed anyone to not tell before, but … but I don’t want to talk about Winry’s lips and Winry’s… [drool] with my little brother… Too weird, too weird… And also, kind of wrong

 Another image, really, more of a physical memory; the feeling of her pressed tightly against him, the pure pleasure of it, the relief … 

Ahhhh, why did I wait so long to do that?


Of it’s own accord (or was sanity involved?), his flesh hand came up to smack him in the forehead.


If it were up to you, you’d still be waiting! She kissed you.


His sanity and the cherub that stood in for his heart were dancing in circles, arms around each other.


Edward closed his eyes against the image of them kissing gleefully and, his vision clearing, he looked back to his brother.


“I…I…” was all he could manage to say, though.


“Were her lips soft?” All innocence and youthful curiosity, Al was just trying to be helpful, but his question just revived the short in Ed’s brain and his head suddenly began filling with static.


Or maybe it was just the sound of his brain dribbling happily out his ear.


“Did she make noises when you were kissing her? You know – those little noises in the back of the throat that—”


Edward had found his voice.


“H-how would you know about the little noises in the back of a girl’s throat when she’s kissing you?!”


He fixed him with a narrow look. How would his little brother, who didn’t even have lips, know something like that? Besides which, he liked to think of his little brother as his little brother, like, he was still eleven years old. And not thinking about kissing girls or the noises they make when you’re doing something to them that they really like.


“Got something you want to share with me, Alphonse?”


Alphonse forced “air” through his non-existent nose, laughing in an embarrassed sort of way. “No, no… It’s just something I read about in a book the Colonel lent me…”


As if on cue, Rage popped up from under its rock and was skipping happily back to the speech center of Ed’s brain.


“Colonel Mustang lent you a book about,” he paused here, trying to get his mouth around that one tiny, little word. “…sex?! Just why the hell would the Bastard Colonel lend you a book about…” Rage was having a fine old time now. It poked him in the side so that he squeaked out the next word - loudly. “…SEX!?”


Alphonse had jumped to his feet, backing away from his red-faced brother.


“Relax, Nii-san!!” Al was waving his hands in front of him again. “The Colonel was just worried about you. The book was for you.” 




At this, all of Team Edward came on board; Rage, Sanity, Fear, the dorks in the Speech Center, a chorus of frustrated hormones, even one that hadn’t spoken up yet, Ed’s somewhat overworked Pride.




Al was gesturing to get him to calm down, though.  


“You know, Nii-san,” Al said, gently, as though trying to change the subject. “You really shouldn’t call him that. I know for a fact the Colonel’s parents were married….”


Ed grit his teeth in an attempt to keep the decibel level down. If he scared his brother too much, he’d never get the answer out of him.


“Tell me, Alphonse… Why is the … the Colonel worried about me?”


The guys in the Speech Center were cheering, congratulating themselves for having pulled off such a mild-sounding question.


So why wasn’t Al reassured? He was edging himself towards the closet and had his hand on the knob…


“Well… um, now remember, Nii-san, I’m just telling you what the Colonel said…”


Ed blinked several times in a forced attempt at calm innocence. “Of course, Al. Now go on…”


“…um, he said…” Al glanced out the window as if wondering how far a drop it was to the ground. “…he said he thought you needed an … an outlet… That you were…” A big leather hand was turning the doorknob, slowly pulling the closet door open. “He thought you were wound a little too tightly—“


“Too tightly?!!” Ed started out trying to sound calm, but Rage and Pride were pushing on his vocal cords and in two seconds, he was screaming again.




“…too tightly for someone who’s old enough to be … having sex or at least, …um, h-helping himself on a regular basis…” The last few words were said from the other side of the closet door.


With the whole of the Team trying to scream at once, Ed was having a difficult time forming words.


“Wha—sex—” His mouth suddenly felt as dry as the desert surrounding Lior. “Help—”


Just then, Rage muscled Sanity and Pride under and the rest of the team folded like jello.




“I know!! I know,” came Al’s muffled apology from behind the door. “I’m sorry, Nii-san!!” There was a pause, then Al’s sweetly placating voice. “You know, Nii-san… You’re kind of alone now…”




Why was everyone so friggin’ interested in his sex life?!


Nose sigh.


Because he didn’t have one?


He’s right, you know, his hormones chimed in. Technically, you are alone…




Ed was just wondering what it was going to take to get all the voices, inside and outside his head, to just shut the fuck up and leave him alone, when the sound of a loud, demonic thumping filled the room.




Spooked, Ed turned to look at the closet, thinking maybe Al was knocking from the inside, for some silly reason.




It was definitely not coming from the closet.


And it was not some sort of demon. There were no such things as demons.




No, this was much, much worse.


It was coming from Granny Pinako’s room.


Right below their’s…


From the sound of it, Pinako was pounding on the ceiling with a broom handle, something she hadn’t done since they’d giggled themselves to sleep as children.




Must have been a really long broom….




It was amazing that a sound that loud could come out of a body that small.


Edward could actually hear Alphonse’s knees rattling from the depths of the closet.


“I-I’M SORRY, GRANNY!!” Cupping a hand to his mouth, Ed called his apologies to the floor. “WE’LL KEEP IT DOWN!”


“SEE THAT YOU DO!” She punctuated that last order with another, slightly softer THUMP. “YOU DO NOT WANT ME TO COME UP THERE, YOUNG MAN!”


No, they most certainly did not want that!


Apparently, not reassured that her message had made it home, Granny rapped again, and again the tone had a softer, fleshy-sounding timber.


And the rapping continued. And…and it wasn’t coming from below anymore.


It was coming from the hallway!


Pinako was making good on her threat! She’d come up to there to … to …


Edward didn’t want to think about what she might have come up there to do. Replace his automail with standing mixer attachments? Substitute them for the pink chrome ones they were making for that little girl in Central? Attach his elbow gears to the washing machine and make him do laundry for the entire village? In his underwear?


Edward shuddered.




“WE’RE SORRY, GRANNY! REALLY WE ARE!” Edward numbly headed himself to do door where Pinako was still rapping with great determination, obviously looking forward to exacting her revenge on them. “WE’LL BE QUIET FROM NOW ON, WE PROMISE!!” Ed was practically sobbing when he opened the door.


Shaking like a leaf, he lowered his eyes, out of respect, out of fear, and, well, out of necessity; Pinako’s face would been about level with of the doorknob…


He had only seconds to register, not the eyes of a crazed Granny Pinako, but the smooth thighs and frilly, pink sleep shorts Winry sometimes wore to bed, before her hand reached in to grab his arm and yank him into the hallway.


Her cheeks were a bright pink and she looked at him almost shyly.


That only lasted for a second.


Then she backed him into the wall and proceeded to shower his face with kisses.


“Thank you,” she breathed in his ear. “Thank you so much.”


Not that he was complaining, but he was more than a little confused. Or that might have been his hormones, who were dancing around like mad elves in his head. And elsewhere.


“F-for what?”


She was working on his neck now and he was almost sorry he’d asked her a question; she was going to have to stop what she was doing to answer it…


Winry pulled away and smiled at him softly.


“For protecting my honor, you idiot.”


Thankfully, she went right back to sucking on his ear lobe.


Sanity had suggested he move his hands to her back and he was grateful for the direction. The sleep shirt she was wearing was as thin as tissue and the skin beneath it was hot and smooth.


“You’re welcome,” he managed, but his speech center was overloaded at the moment and it was clear he wouldn’t be able to talk much longer. “H-How’d I do that?”


“Alphonse tried to get you to tell him about what we … we did today…” He could feel her blushing, her face against his suddenly got very hot, and the knowledge of it went straight to his heart. (The cherub was ecstatic.) “You wouldn’t do it. Thank you for that.”


Hands on her face, he drew her far enough away to look in her eyes.


“I always tell him everything. I feel like I kind of owe him that, you know? ‘Cause he can’t experience anything for himself… But,” he drew a thumb across her pinkened cheek. “…but it didn’t seem right. This one thing he can’t have.” He traced the edge of her lower lip with a finger, then, hesitating only slightly, he drew her face to his and kissed her, smiling when he heard the tiny, whimper in the back of her throat.


That,” he said, softly. “That little sound is mine.”


Her blush deepened.


Your’s, huh?”


He nodded silently, trying to decide what he wanted to kiss next.




She may have left her mark on his automail, but he had other ideas.


There was mischief in her eyes, and no ire in her voice when she spoke. “Still pissed that I “branded” you, huh?”


Lips at her throat, he suckled deeply. “Uh-huh.” Gently at first, then with growing heat, he applied teeth to the spot, an act he knew would mark her, at least for a few days. She shuddered against him. “I’ll be looking for a more permanent method…”


She was his. Had always been his. He was just glad she’d forced him to see that. Finally. Even if it had taken a full-out mad to get them to this point.


He found her mouth again and shivered when her tongue slipped past his, exploring, tasting.


“Oh, Edward,” she breathed, pulling them more tightly together.


He thought he’d go mad from the sensations; he could feel all of her, everywhere.


Backing off a few inches, he fought for control.


“I-I have to get back to … to bed. It’s the middle of the night. And…and we’re in the hallway… And…”


She was nodding slowly, biting her lip.


“I know…” She was gazing at him with the greatest longing. “Tomorrow, though,” she breathed, squeezing the hand she held.




His brain was hormone addled and, of late, had suffered from a round of mental gymnastics that would have tired a roomful of geniuses, but, even a thorough search of his mental files would have turned up zilch: he had no idea what she was talking about.


Eyebrows narrowing, it was her turn for confusion. “Grandma’s trip into the field? Didn’t Al tell you?”


Al was supposed to tell him Granny was going into the field?


“What field trip?”


“She’s going on a 10-day trip to service some clients in the field. Alphonse said he wanted to tell you… He’s going with her. Sort of a bodyguard arrangement, I think. Grandma told him she didn’t need a bodyguard, that she can take care of herself.”


“Yes, she certainly can.”


“But Al insisted he go with her… It was weird…”


Not so weird.


Ed felt himself blushing. Winry mistook herself for the inspiration, blushing gently in return, and Ed would never disabuse her of the notion, but the real reason, the real reason he was blushing, the real reason Alphonse was going out in the field with Pinako, on a 10 day trip… was to give the two of them time…


Time to be alone…


For once, the chorus in his head was quiet.


Ed took the opportunity to kiss Winry again, sweetly.


“We’d better get back to sleep then,” Winry said. “The house will be in chaos tomorrow morning.” Pulling away, he was taken aback by a sudden mischievous look in her wide, blue eyes. “Here’s something for you to think about for now, though…”


With a slight blush, but not a hint of hesitation, she slipped a hand between them, and finding the area he’d been resolutely ignoring since she’d yanked him out of his bedroom, she held him there. The heat of her hand, and the heat that had already been growing there, went right to his brain and then bounced straight back to his groin.


Seeing him wide-eyed and slack-jawed, she giggled, then ran her tongue along the curve of his jaw.


“Tomorrow,” she breathed hotly into his ear, then, releasing him, she moved down the hall. To the next room.


Her room was next door to their’s.


Her room had always been next door to their’s…


Still too stunned by her actions to allow Sanity to smack him in the head, he had at least regained the use of his voice before she’d disappeared into her room.


“You…you heard the entire conversation, didn’t you…”


“Uh-huh,” she whispered, sweetly.


He should have been mortified, some small part of him was, but he was too turned on to care right now.


Right now he…


“Okay,” he said, absently, turning back to his door. “I’ll see you in the morning…”


She nodded, biting her lip. “Yup.”


With a last glance at those frilly pink sleep shorts before they disappeared behind her door, Edward stiffly pushed himself inside his room.


His mind was racing. Parts of him were so numb, he was lucky he could walk at all.


Sweating profusely, he grabbed a book from the table and fished a flashlight out of the desk drawer.


He’d show everyone just who needed an outlet…


Swinging the closet door open with way more strength than he needed, he found his brother sitting calmly in the corner, behind some old suits and a beat up tennis racket.


“You wanna help me, Al? Here,” he dropped the book and the flashlight into his brother’s metal lap. “Don’t come out until I tell you to.”


He heard Al’s gleeful, “Sure thing, Nii-san!” as he slammed the door closed, quietly, of course, and he was in bed and under the covers in no time flat.


The Fullmetal Alchemist – tightly wound?!




Not tonight, he isn’t…


Before the heat overtook his brain, he could have sworn he heard bed springs creaking from the other side of the wall. The wall they shared with Winry’s room…


It could have been the swing creaking on the porch downstairs, it could have been the hot water heater kicking on in the basement. Heck, it could have been Alphonse crossing his knees in the closet…


Didn’t matter.


Edward let the thought of it, that it was none of those things, those things that were unrelated to him, slip from his mind and, focused on the possibility that that steady, almost rhythmic, sound was coming from the other side of his wall, Edward unwound….



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