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Two requests...

Hi everyone. I'm asking for help on two related quests. One is locating a picture that I think was on the cover of a National Geographic sometime between 2000 and 2006. The other is convincing one of the many wonderful artists in the FMA fandom to pose Roy and Riza in an "Amestrian version" of that picture.

The original picture was in the National Geographic magazine, and I'm fairly sure it appeared between 2000 and 2006, though I could be way off. If it wasn't on the cover, it was definitely prominent in an article about a desert people--the Bedouins, maybe the Tuareg, not sure. The picture, in any case, is of a woman with a lined face, hugging a man from behind. She has her arms wrapped around his ribs and reaching up his chest, and her face--eyes closed and expression one of profound love--tucked against his back. He's standing straight, not openly acknowledging the hug, staring off into the distance--but as I remember it, there was a sense to him that with his wife there, he was complete.

It's an image I like for itself--the expression on the woman's face is so...cherishing and trusting, while the man is strong and protective, among other things--and I think would be glorious done for Riza and Roy.

I don't have any old National Geogs, though. I saw the picture way back when I was still living with my parents--who had YEARS of old National Geographics lying around. Help, anyone?

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