Number One Spoon (herongale) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Number One Spoon

Hit me with your best shot!

I am sure most of you are aware of the new FMA anime series, due to begin broadcasting in April. And a recent posting revealed that the original voice actors for Ed and Al will reprising their roles in the Japanese version (as far as I know, this new series has not yet been licensed in the US).

Well, I'm excited. Really excited! So I think it's time we all started putting this comm to work for more than fic/icon postings. I think it's time to DISCUSS. Share THEORIES. Share SPOILERS even, if you have any to dish.

The big talk, of course, is that this new series is likely going to follow the manga, picking up where the original anime series diverged from the manga, and continuing until the bitter, bitter end. I am not sure how reliable this information is, but as speculations go I think it is pretty solid. But what do you all think? Will it be Manga Redux, or something altogether new? What are you hoping to see?

And I know many of you are following the manga as it is being released in Japan (*), so let me ask you this... which of the manga characters are you most excited/hopeful to see? Are there particular voice actors you wish to play the roles of the new characters? I myself cannot WAIT until Olivia shows up. She is... so totally my favourite manga character, it isn't even funny. It's the sword and badassery and the fact that she makes a good het ship candidate for Scar and the hotness. Primarily the hotness.

And in general... I just want to get to know everyone again. I want to know what the older fans have been up to, what fics you've been reading, what OTPs you have been crushing on. I want to know what the newer fans are thinking; about how you became fans, and what aspects of the canon you like best (just be warned: I cannot promise the lack of spoilers in the comments, so proceed as if there could be spoilers for any of the current canon that has already been released).

Just keep things positive. I would love to talk to any and all of you. And I would like to encourage all of you to remember that this comm can be a great place for discussions, and my hope is to see this comm active again, the way it was during the first FMA anime run. I'm not a mod or anything, just a person who is eager to see this fandom thrive once more.

(*) And if you didn't know that was possible, go look at the scanlations here of the latest issues. But don't forget that the series is licensed, so if you like the manga at least consider buying the individual volumes which have been released already in English. I myself own all 17 volumes that are available to date. It would insane to buy them all at once, but each individual volume is cheap, so if you pace yourself according to your budget, almost anyone can do it.

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