Between the Mountains and the Sea (anat_astarte) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Between the Mountains and the Sea

New FMA fanfiction contest community!

Hi everyone!


On behalf of my co-mod[info]salomesensei  and I, I am pleased to announce a new FMA fanfiction contest community:[info]fma_fic_contest ! It's a moderated community with weekly prompts and varying word count challenges, and open to all characters/pairings/ratings submissions!


We hope the[info]fma_fic_contest community will be a supportive, enthusiastic, constructive atmosphere for all our members, writers and readers alike, in addition to being a fun place to find and create more fma fanfic.


Official contest winners will be awarded banners, but really everyone wins when there is good fic and good feedback! We only ask that contestants not cross post their entries to other communities until the week’s contest is over.


If you have any questions or suggestions for us as we begin, please visit our community and profile page and offer any input and feedback you wish. We're here for the writers and readers, and are also looking for a few good volunteer banner makers to help out!


Come on by and check out[info]fma_fic_contest now! The fun starts Feb 13th!


We’re very excited, and we would be thrilled to have you join us!




Special thanks to the mods of this community for allowing me to post this announcement :D

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