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The Caged City, PARADISIM

t.h.e. c.a.g.e.d. c.i.t.y.
You arrive on an airship. Slowly you awaken to the sound of a steam engine chugging away, hard at work. The hiss of the various machines, the whirling of propellers and the up and down sensation of sailing through the open air greets your tired senses. You open your eyes and find yourself in a small chamber with nothing but a bed and a window. You're locked in by cold steel bars. You're a prisoner on this airship and there is no hope of escape. Indeed, the idea doesn't even cross your mind. Peering out the window, you see the bars of a giant cage. As the airship pulls into the dock, the door swings open. Strong hands grab you and before you know it, you're thrust into the streets. A few things are thrown at your feet and you're left alone.

Welcome to Paradisim.

A strange blend of steampunk and highly futuristic technology, it is a city built within a giant bird cage. Thick steel bars surround it entirely, stretching up high into the endless blue sky. The sun streams through the bars, so close but forever out of your reach. It floats, seemingly held by absolutely nothing, over a great cliff, Below is the swirling Mist that blankets the rest of the ruined world. However Paradisim is not without it's secrets. The strangest by far is the Maze. Every other month, on the middle day at exactly midnight, the city becomes a stone maze and the Mist is pulled into the cage, spawning terrible monsters and strange side effects. Some horrible, some just downright amusing. The sole surviving city on this planet's surface, Paradisim appears like nothing but a ghost city.

Except you're the ghost.

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