sleepingnin (sleepingnin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Accidental Marriage 5

Fanfiction: Accidental Marriage
Pairing: RoyEd
Genre: Drama/Humor
Rating: PG13
Chapter Rating: PG13 because I feel like it.
Warning: Ed's mouth, as always.
Summary:Sometimes a joke can go a little too far. But when emotions also get caught up into the mix, how will our two favorite alchemist handle this?
Standard Disclaimer applies

Roy made a frustrated noise. “Fullmetal, your brother can’t come, it’s a honey moon, you don’t bring other people with you on a honeymoon.” He couldn’t believe this kid, “Besides.” He bent down so their noses were almost touching, “Didn’t you want to know what all this ‘marriage life entails?’” )
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