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09 December 2008 @ 09:10 pm

Imagine if you were to one day get an invitation to a nice cruise on a ship called the S.S ANNE, a supposedly legendary, unsinkable ship. Now you think the possibility over, and for some reason, whether it's your thing or not, you feel yourself compelled to go. All aboard! And off you go. The journey is enjoyable, with many others besides you taking the same voyage; how or why, they don't know any more than you do. After dinner you bid them all goodnight and retreat to your quarters. The next morning you hear the whistle signaling the ship is docking. Confused, you emerge onto the dock with several others and find yourself being quickly ushered off the ship onto the land. You don't know what's going on or why this is happening. They won't say anything to you, tell you what's going on, let you go back for your luggage, nothing. All they do is hand you a small red and white ball and wish you good luck. You hold the small thing in your hand and look out over the vast, lush, and completely unfamiliar landscape in a daze and it beckons you. When you turn back, you find the ship gone, and nothing but open water spread out before you. You clutch the strange ball tighter and without realizing it press a small button on the front.

A blinding light. And there before you is a small creature and it peers up at you and you know without knowing that this creature is yours now, and that there are many others like it out there in this strange new world. At your hip there are now several of these red and white balls, all empty, and you know, instinctively, what your goal is now.

You have to catch them all.
TWINLEAF TOWN is a brand new Panfandom Pokémon based roleplay game. We're currently accepting applications for any fandom, but no OCs for the time being.

TWINLEAF TOWN is not an AU roleplay, nor a crack roleplay. Your characters get on a boat in their world and end up in one of the four regions of the Pokémon universe: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh. Upon their arrival they are given one of the three starter Pokémon of their region and a few empty Pokéballs and they are let loose. They don't have any sort of manual to help explain it to them. They can ask each other for help, certainly, and perhaps some characters may know, but for the most part you're on your own.

This game is a bit unique in the sense that it's slightly more difficult than most Pokémon games because players not only have to keep their characters IC, but also create and craft personalities for their Pokémon and develop the relationships between the characters and their new creatures, IN ADDITION TO having characters connect and interact with each other. Still, this game is intended to be fun and there will be a lot for you and your Pokémon to do! There will be the random wild Pokémon attacks, Trainer v. Trainer battles, and Gym battles for regional activies, as well as interregional tournaments of all sorts, games, guests, and random events. Hell, your characters can play the TCG if they want! There will never be a dull moment here at TWINLEAF!
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The game is opening on December 12, but applications/reserves are open! Currently we have an Edward, and Winry is on reserve, but I'd love to see a large FMA cast! So if your an FMA player, or any sort of roleplay looking for a new game, please give us a look!