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I haven't posted here before. o-o
But, anyways.
Also posted to my journal.

Title: Eating for Two

Author: greedchan </lj>

Rating: PG, I guess

Type: Gen

Pairings: RoyEd?

Warnings:  One instance of Ed's mouth.

Summary:  He's always eaten a little over twice the normal amount for a boy his size.

He's always eaten a little over twice the normal amount for a boy his size.

"I'm eating for two," he explained once, shoving a chunk of steak into his mouth, and Roy lifted a brow and, wielding a knife and fork delicately, sawed a small piece of his own steak off. "So that means I usually eat faster and a lot more than a normal person."

"I gathered that," said the blackhaired man with a roll of his eyes, chewing his own mouthful carefully and watching him gulp down a staggering amount of water. The waiter came over to refill the jug, and Roy watched idly as the condensation slid down the outside of the pitcher and the ice crackles within.

"So yeah, that's how it works," resumed the blonde, and he continued babbling on about his new theory he thinks might just work this time.

Roy notices it again later on, when they're all sitting around in the headquarters cafeteria after hours, the men and the blonde and Al, and he sees the little blonde steal half of Hughes' roll directly off the plate and shove it in his mouth.  Eating for two, but it wasn't even mealtime. "Pregnant, are you, Fullmetal?"

The little one just about chokes on his roll, and Roy half-hides a smirk behind the hand he's been leaning on. "No!" protests the small alchemist, so Roy moves to tug a piece off the bread, but he smacks his hand away. "Fuck off, that's mine!" he growls, and promptly downs the rest of it.

Roy just laughs.

It happens again later -- they're at his house, and Fullmetal has decided it might be a good idea to make cookies -- and Roy finishes mixing the cookie dough and is digging through the drawer of mismatched cooking tools he's collected ever since Fullmetal has invaded his home and taken up residence. His fingers curl around the small ice cream scoop he uses to make all the cookies the same size, and then he hears a very content "Mmmm" from behind him. He looks up, confused, and finds the blonde has stuck a spoon directly into the dough and is currently gumming on a wad of triple-chocolate fudge cookie. "What are you doing?!" Roy barks before he can stop himself, and the little one looks up guiltily, but doesn't stop eating it. "We were going to /bake/ those, you know. Eating the dough was not part of the deal, Fullmetal."

In the end, they end up with half a batch of cookies, because after some wheedling about 'ugh, this is so good, Pony, you have to try some', Roy eventually eats some of it too.

It's a few years later now -- Fullmetal has been missing for ages, and he's just about given up waiting for him, when there's a knock at his door. Roy removes his glasses and marks his page, and gets up to answer it. He's promptly bowled over by a speeding yellow and red blur, and he stares up into the slightly-more-mature face of Edward Elric, who's grinning at him and still clasping the hand of a shy-looking blonde boy with grey-green eyes and a hesitant smile, even as he sits on Roy's chest and pins him down triumphantly.

"Look," announces the Fullmetal Alchemist, grinning and standing up to indicate Al, who has offered a hand to Roy to help him up. Roy takes it, shooting a half-hearted glare at Edward, and allows Alphonse to pull him to his feet. "Al's here."

They give each other updates on what has happened in each other's absence, catch up a bit, and then Roy gets up, grabbing the phone and a phone book. "I'm too lazy to cook," he explains, and Ed and Al seem to think about this for a moment before nodding and allowing him to go off to do so.

The food arrives shortly, and he watches Edward closely as the boy loads his plate to a healthy amount, but stops there and proceeds to actually /eat/ his food, chewing each bite thoughtfully and swallowing before taking another bite.

He's not eating for two anymore, Roy realizes, and smiles.
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