Cat Spectacular (pyro_edward) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Cat Spectacular

movie!Roy plush?

Hi all. I know these posts might be getting a little old, but...

I've been turning the internet over looking for a movie!Roy plush. I have an Edward, but I think he's lonely. I had to bear teeth and claws to get him at a convention, and then tie him to my wrist to avoid fangirls sneaking into my room to steal him, so I know how wanted these guys are.

I don't mind paying a lot - it's just finding one that someone is willing to sell. Is anyone here interested in parting with one, or knows where I can find someone who is?

...Also, I need to find a Fullmetal Alchemist pillowcase. Roy OR Edward. I know Hot Topic had them about a century ago, but I don't see many unopened ones going up for sale on the 'net (and if I do, they're already taken. I have the worst luck T_T Seriously. I got to the Dealer's Room 10 minutes after the last movie!Roy was sold at Anime Boston...)
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