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RP Pimp

I'm looking for people to play FMA pups in the RP I'm in. I've done adds before. It's plot driven, and takes place in a multi-verse based on the Torchwood-Doctor Whoverse (though it's got a large dash of FMA due to the fact the laws of their world fit neatly).

Will delete if this isn't allowed ^_^

The idea with the Rp is there a rift in time and space that brings people from other worlds to this universe. Note: a cosmic disaster also  destroyed many worlds and combined them with the present universe making it a world of it's own.  People who come though get a choice, they can live out their lives in London or Cardiff,  (currently Ed is going to Uni and Al is attending a College in Cardiff but  Ed works for Torchwood three) helped by either Torchwood or Hc Clements (largely an organization run by villians).  Or work for said organizations as agents and such. It's a slow paced, plot driven game (plots are made mostly by players and sometimes mods and players basically decide HOW they want to arrange it (freeforum or mun-guided). There is a lot of Character stuff. Pups need to adjust to the new world, make friends, and work with teams to stop alien threats (if that is what muns want to do with them).

I've been playing Ed and Al for more than a year now. They've gone though a lot and I took them roughly a year after the movie. I tend to play them in plots as well as various Character stuff. Both of them have been established, but I'd really LOVE to have some FMA pups in game. They are the ONLY FMA player pups in game and it would be fun, since they are so established to have some FMA pups show.

I kind of worked the boy's history with how they got there from the Real World, and why Alchemy works there and all that. So if you have any questions about the world I'm totally cool. Since the Rp is a over a year old, we're pretty establish with how things work, using the cannons of the various pups in game.  We have a possible FMA plot brewing as well.

Cannon and Au pups are welcome.

You don't need to play in plots, we have players who want to avoid them, as well as players who like playing in them.

Let me know who's interested. The RP is  low key and we have a really nice bunch of players for the most part. This is not a high volume RP.

We also function as a committee for the most part,  so people get say, and whatnot with world stuff.
Ed's profile  A lot of information on his profile has changed. Ed's grown a LOT.
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