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Fic Post

Author: DeannaJ1
Title: The Bet
Part 3: Saturday Morning: Breaking Dates
Pairing: Roy Ed
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: none
Notes: my muse went on a tangent and credits tofullmetalrose  and chaotic_cupcake for ideas used here and the next part

Part 1  Part 2

Saturday Morning: Breaking a Date

Roy woke to something he hadn’t heard in quite a while, young male voices. Of course they were coming from the guest room across the hall, rather than the dorm room adjacent as had been the case in his academy days.

When the three arrived at his last Roy had been all set to continue the ‘slave’ act into his own bedroom, but Ed and Al had found his study before he even had the front door properly shut.

He listened as two argued over what they should do with the money Ed had won last night. Money which if the two hadn’t returned yesterday would have been his.

Roy decided to get up and get dressed before finding out what his new ‘master’ wanted to do for the day. The night he perhaps unfortunately already had plans that would have to at the very least be partially broken. One pair of slacks and a dark shirt later Roy was downstairs at his telephone dialing the number of one Vanessa Grande to give his sincerest apologies that he wouldn’t be able to escort her to the theater this evening.

You know for a brush off this has to be the nicest one I’ve ever gotten.

“I am sorry that I won’t be able to go with you. I really was looking forward to seeing that play. I do hope this isn’t too short notice for you find someone else to take with you?” Roy was only hoping that the next time she offered him a ticket to the theater he would actually be able to attend.

No actually my sister-in-law wanted to see this play as well, but I had asked you first, so I guess now I can have a girl’s night out with her instead. I don’t suppose I could get you to give me your dinner reservations, could I?

“Ah, no I’m sorry I’ve had those reservations for more than a month, so they can’t be transferred to someone else. Besides I might still be able to use them. It’s good to have at least one option open when it comes this particular subordinate.”

Will you at least show me one of those photos of you in a miniskirt then Roy?” The amusement in her voice was very good-natured considering the circumstances.

“Sure I might be able to get my hands on the whole lot of them, and if not I can always ask Riza to drop by your office on Monday.”

That sounds good. I’ll talk to you on Monday then.

“Alright, goodbye Van.”

Bye, Roy-boy.

Roy hung up the phone wondering how it was that he, an only child, had ended up with so many self-proclaimed siblings (two younger sisters and an older brother).

“So who were you talking to Colonel?”

“Lt. Col. Vanessa Grande, a friend of mine.”

“You mean date, don’t you Mustang?”

“No, Edward she really is just a friend, nothing more.”

Roy explained how he and Vanessa had met in the academy and swiftly became friends. Roy personally believed it was more her older brother than Hughes knife throwing abilities that had kept his exotic looks from getting him hazed more harshly than he had been by his fellow cadets. He remembered that there had always been quite few comments about how feminine he looked and if maybe his preferences lay toward his own gender because of that. Vanessa’s friendship had kept the comments nothing more than that, and when Hawkeye became his personal aide they stopped altogether, at least within his hearing. His explanation finished with the three of sitting in living room.

“So when you were a teenager there were guys that said you looked like a girl. And now a couple of weeks after you turn 33 you prove them right by passing yourself off as a girl to honor a bet.”

“Honoring a bet hardly proves a bunch of sexually frustrated teenage boys right, Fullmetal.”

“Ya but you have to at least admit that you look dead sexy in a miniskirt.” Ed leered at him on his way into the kitchen.

Roy sat there for minute feeling pole-axed by the blonde’s comment, before getting up and following him. Al on the other hand was doing a fair impression of his brother’s favorite coat at the innuendo in Ed’s words while sitting forgotten on the couch. After a couple more minutes he remembered something that he really needed to ask the other two about.

“Brother, Colonel Mustang I almost forgot to tell you that I have to get Winry from the train station at 11:30 today, and well if we are going to stay here with you Colonel can Winry stay too?” Al decided that if Ed was going after the Colonel that he wouldn’t give either of them a chance to say no, and implemented what Winry had laughingly called his ‘puppy eyes of doom.’

“I suppose, but I only have the one guest room. Where would Miss Rockbell be staying, since you and Ed are already in it.” Roy watched as a blush crept up younger man’s face and a knowing leer seemed to light Edward’s.

“Easy enough Al and Winry can share the guest room since it has twin beds, and you and I can share yours.”

“Brother?!” Al’s blush had become a full blown scarlet that covered his ears and neckline too.

“Well I …alright I suppose.” Roy had the eerie feeling that he was going to be at a loss for words for much of the next two weeks.

Ed and Al proceeded to go through all of the cupboards in Roy’s as they searched for edible foodstuffs and the pot and pans to cook them in. Roy sat at his kitchen table in a bemused sort of silence watching them.

In a space of less than twenty minutes plates of eggs, bacon, toast, home-style potatoes, and gravy were placed along the center of the table. For simple fair it was probably the most food to graced Roy’s table since he had bought the house. Following the food were plates, silverware, glasses, the juice carton from the fridge, a pot fresh coffee, and even one of the small bottles of milk that were only bought for cooking.

Ed made a disgusted face at seeing the milk on the table, and went straight for the coffee. The three ate in companionable silence until there were only dishes to clean up after. Roy did those in appreciation for the cooking.

“Well I guess while Al goes to pick up the master torturer,” Al protested that description, “I can take my ‘slave’ out for some clothes that are more appropriate to his new standing.”

“I don’t believe Miss Rockbell would appreciate seeing me in a mesh top and low slung leather shorts, Edward.” Roy did know however that were quite a few women and even a few that would.

“I don’t know. I think even Hawkeye could manage to drool over you in something like that.”

Roy thought about Riza seeing him in something like that and immediately decided that he must have some kind of death wish for voicing what he thought would be Ed’s idea of ‘sex-slave’ attire.

“Right. What exactly is wrong with what I’m wearing right now?”

“Well nothing if you really want to look like a pedophile going out on a double date with your teenage boyfriend and his younger brother.”

“The Colonel doesn’t look that old in civvies brother.”

“I do not look old!” Roy knew that was true. He’d been carded by the clerk at the liquor store just last week.

“Ok, ok you don’t look old…for a business man maybe, but you’re going to be my slave for the next couple weeks outside work, so I don’t want people thinking you’re some creepy perv when we go out.” Ed ducked out of the kitchen hoping that the others didn’t see the blush just darkening his cheeks.

“I think brother just really wants to buy you some new clothes sir.” Al pulled a small notebook out of his pants pocket handing it to the older man. “He’s always drawn these really beautiful arrays that after they’re activated turn into pictures. They’re usually of me and him, but for the last couple of years they’ve been of you in lots of different clothes.”

Roy looked through the notebook as he walked along the hallway to stairs. As Al said, most of the pictures were of him and Ed, he recognized most of the scenes from the mission reports the elder Elric had given him over the years. He headed upstairs to get his shoes and a wallet since he was going to be out all day with Edward. He was vaguely aware of the conversation going downstairs, but was more interested in Ed’s stunning alchemically made drawings. They ranged from him in his uniform, civvies that he knew Ed had seen him in to t-shirts and jeans, even the blonde’s own preferred attire. Roy was surprised by just how good he looked in Ed’s usual black and red.

Grabbing a light jacket on his way out of his bedroom Roy caught the tail end of the argument in the living room.

“…ther I handed the notebook to him.”

“Al, you know that’s private.”

Roy held the now closed notebook in his right hand hidden slightly by the drape of his jacket over his arm.

“Edward if you really think my clothes are so out-dated then perhaps you’ve found what you’re going to do with the sens that you won.”

“What buy you clothes with my money? Yeah right.”

“I thought you wanted make Winry drool over your new boy-toy, brother.”

Roy could tell this argument had been going on since the boys had woken up this morning, possibly even what they’d going on about last night before sleep claimed them.

“How about a bit of a compromise then, Fullmetal.” Ed turned to face him a skeptical look on his face.

“What sort of compromise are you talking about Mustang?”

“Simple enough, we go to the department near the train station, and pick out a few different outfits that other has to try on and if they look good buy them, with our own money of course.” Roy transferred the notebook to his left hand and held it out to the younger man, who snatched it from him immediately.

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