Saki Kotetsu (sakikotetsu) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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plushie search :O

as the subject says, I'm on an epic journey to find plushies! /DETERMINATION

pfff, okay seriously XD I'm hunting down any kind of merchandise from the movie, which I know is super rare. In particular, I'm looking for a plushie of ed from the movie. I've tried ebay, google, and everything else I can think of and canNOT find him ): if anyone knows where to get one, pleeeeaaaaase let me know! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER 8]

oh, and I was also wondering if anyone could tell me if a figurine of movie!Ed exists. I know there's a crazy expensive Al one, but I was hoping maybe there's an Ed one. And maybe a movie!Al plushie? I'm pretty sure neither exist, but if someone knows for sure, let me know :3
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