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Fullmetal Alchemist Sizzle Reel (Video)

Okay, so after viewing hikaru_9's amazing fanart, The Stone (which you should *absolutely* go and check out if you haven't seen it already), there was some conversation about the Cult of Ed's Pants. Because really- are there any of us out there that don't worship those tight leather pants? And I was reminded of an awesome video that a good friend of mine, evil_whimsey made several months back. And since she is too modest to pimp it herself, I'm doing it for her. (Yes, with permission.)

So check it out! A video homage to Ed's Pants!

I believe that this was created entirely with AfterEffects. Art by Hiromu Arakawa, GD Mechano and Idea. Music by Groove Armada. And if you like it, be sure to drop by her journal and tell her so! And poke her to start posting her stuff more often!
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