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RP Ad - Flashlight Tag

We would love to see some FMA characters for this game!

☢ intro ☢
It is the year 2505. English has been adopted as the lingua franca of the world, and cities have fallen into disrepair. Outdated machines were constantly shoved aside to make way for newer ones, and the technological overload created pockets of corrupted electromagnetic fields that fried circuits and frazzled equipment. Tokyo's most advanced sectors became technological dead-zones, where machinery is unreliable at best and barely-functional at worst, and the districts have long since fallen into disconsolate slums. The Japanese mafia gained power, corrupting the local law enforcement, forcing even the imperial line to cooperate, and an underground rebellion looks to fight back the Yakuza on their own terms--but the Yakuza is not the only threat in today's Tokyo.

The violent crime in the Shinjuku slums is at an all-time high, the suicide rate in Akihabara is appalling, and those who go to Odaiba just...never come back. A wicked force is at work in Tokyo's fallen where no shadow is safe, no flashlight is enough, and no one can explain the strange occurrences that only go on at night. This is our city. Stay out of the Yakuza's way, stay below the police radar, and you might get by just fine; smuggle technological contraband, rule the masses, run a racket, or fight the power--just don't get caught in the dark.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
☣ info ☣

Full Premise . Cast Page . Geography . Rules . Application . FAQ

Thanks for looking~

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