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Not sure if this will be wanted, but might as well try.


An Ed and Al have been gathered, but doubles and new characters are wanted, too.
[ wonderland ]
"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

You wake up in room. You can't remember what happened last, but those words ring through your head. Something about... a white rabbit? But that's silly and you put it off, only to realize that you're not at home. You look out the window and you see you're in some sort of medieval village and that there are -- are those cards walking by?

Welcome to Wonderland.

Wonderland is a panfandom roleplaying game set in the universe of Alice in Wonderland. Here, the rules of your normal world don't matter. There is no good and evil, just justice and the Queen, and time-space paradoxes are nothing. Everyone here is equal (beneath the Queen) and the basic idea is to survive. You're treated comfortably, and the residents are sometimes nice to you. Sometimes not. Making friends seems to be a necessity, but sometimes, the opposite happens. Laws of physics, of chemistry, of everything that made your world yours, can be easily broken. It seems peaceful enough, but perhaps there are monsters, and there will definitely be chaos. The Queen has quite the temper.

Anything goes here. Crack, drama, but keep it to a minimum. Your lives will often be at risk, and things will often take a turn for the worse. But fret not, just do what the Queen says and you might live. Don't even think about going home either. The Queen insists that you stay, and you're better off not arguing back.

You fell down the rabbit hole.

And now you're here to stay.


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