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New Art!!

Okay... I'm gonna admit, I'm really happy with this one. And this is rare; usually, by the time I'm done with a piece of art, I'm absolutely fed up with it. But this one... yeah. I like it. My feelings may change once I've had some time away from it (time always lends new perspectives to art of any sort), but for now I'm proud of it, and want to show it off. :D

I am not, however, posting it directly to the journal, because it's HUGE! So the link goes to DeviantArt instead.

Title: Foreplay
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Boykissing, and tight pants

(the song I'm listening to right now goes with this picture *so* well- I'm a highschool lover, and you're my favorite flavor...)

follow the linky to DeviantArt!

I used a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet to create this- BEST! TOOL! EVER!! Took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15 hours to complete. Whee!

(apologies for crossposting)
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