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Rusted Dawn artwork

Because I am a lazy, slack person, I didn't write today. Instead, I illustrated a scene from the latest chapter of Rusted Dawn. Because even when I'm lazy and avoiding what I ought to be doing, I'm still obsessed. Clearly.

Typical of me, there are things I greatly like and dislike about the work. I like Ed's braid. I dislike Roy's posture. The shading is atrocious.

Meh. Whatever. It passes muster.

So I thought I'd share it with you- those who have been following the story might get a kick out of it. I sure had fun drawing it. :) (For those who haven't been following- it's Roy/Ed)

(Nothing explicit- fairly worksafe, unless your work is biased against two men in the same bed.)

...he's unprepared to wake this way, with the distance between them closed, and Edward's head on his pillow.

(Crossposted, as usual; sorry)
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