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Panfandom RPG Ad

Microcosm: 1. n. a smaller system which is representative of or analogous to a larger one; a small, complete world 2. n. a small lab setup used to simulate conditions of a particular environment.

Under a glassy blue, morning sky, a stirring metropolis comes to life. Buses shudder, leaves tremble, and people go about their business. Beneath the busy city streets and rumbling subways, however, it is an entirely different story. Far removed from the light and movement of the city, you open your eyes to see a plain, cool, gray room. Do you feel a faint thrumming at the base of your skull? A voice buzzes in your head. "Welcome to Micro-Metropolis," it says blithely, "You will be expected to participate in any number of exciting and stimulating exercises. If you have any questions, please consult the laptop assigned to you. Have a nice day, and enjoy your stay." The laptop confirms your worst fear - you are now an experiment under observation. The only specifications of the experiment seem to be that you will be required to copulate, and do so frequently. Whatever it is that this experiment is intended to prove, you are now part of it... and it wants your body. A foray into the corridor outside your room will prove that you are not alone; there are many more test subjects, just like you in these halls. Journeying above, through the elevators and the subway system, you'll reach that sparkling city - that microcosm of the world - where you're free to roam and react, find a job, meet new people, sleep with them... and be observed doing it.
The Experiment begins September 26

Just a little note. The mods say that at the moment we're needing more female characters than males, since it seems that most of the people reserving/apping characters are picking male ones.

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