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15 September 2008 @ 07:20 pm
Three ficlets  
Been doing some housecleaning lately, and finally posted three ficlets to my writing journal that I though might be received well here. Nothing too long or involved; they're all writing exercises from various prompts and challenges. But, they may be of some interest.

All self-beta-ed, so apologies for any roughness or mistakes.

Title: Memento
Pairing: Roy/Ed, if you squint really hard
Rating: G
Prompt: Roy keeps a secret scrapbook of Fullmetal's newspaper clippings

Title: And Miles To Go
Characters: Ed, Winry, genfic
Rating: PG
Prompt: Haiku challenge, thematic prompt- after the argument
(the haiku challenge is one of evil_whimsey's more brilliant ideas; details on how it works in the post)

Title: Kimblee Is a Sick Fucker (a.k.a. My FMA Fic Without a Good Title)
Characters: Ed, Kimblee
Rating: let's say R, to be safe
Prompt: Ed, cocoa, and someone perving on him at Briggs
SPOILERS FOR CHAPTERS 70 & 71 of the manga
Also? Kimblee is not a nice guy to have in your head.

(crossposted to fma_fiction)
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