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Moulin Noir, A New Multi-Fandom Whorehouse RP

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?
The Moulin Rouge. A famous cabaret known worldwide for its exotic shows, the high class habitués and beautiful dancers. Since it was established in the year 1889, the Moulin has changed from a music hall into a palace of debauchery, provoking a handful of people and seducing many more. And what better place for such an establishment to exist, than in Paris' very own red light district?

The years have passed and Moulin Rouge has become more proper, and even fashionable, never once losing its seduction. It's almost an oasis amidst the cheap sex shops and the dirty live sex shows littering the streets of Boulevard de Clichy: a shelter for those who wish to escape raw sex and want to indulge in the beauty of eroticism. Nearly a museum now, a tourist attraction, that is all there is to the Red Windmill: feathers, rhinestones and sequins, brought together in every breathtaking show, in each step taken by the dancers.

But few people imagine what truly hid behind the Red façade, and where the finest kind of debauchery resided. A place where men and women alike had the sole goal of satisfying their customers: each one of them master of the art of pleasure, willing to perform even the wildest fantasies for a well deserved prize. It's a world that only some had ever heard of, that many have fantasized about-- that only a few were able to afford.

This darker side of the Moulin Rouge became separate a long time ago, manifesting in another, more secret establishment just down the street. Designed in the same fashion, this new facility offered all of the carnal pleasures that had disappeared as the Moulin Rouge became more commercialized. No tourist map lists this place, but everyone knows what it is and what it offers.

Welcome to the Moulin Noir, the most unique high class brothel in Europe.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Moulin Noir RP! This is a multifandom AU roleplaying game that takes place in Paris, France, in the year 2169. Feel free to take a look at the more detailed description, the rules, and etc; the navigation links are right below.

Feel free to join us! We hope you have a very pleasurable stay.

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