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Ed costume for sale


Not sure how big on cosplay this community is...but i'm looking to sell my Ed wig and the red outer coat.....i'm clearing out my closet and dont really want it anymore...so thought maybe someone here would want it instead of me throwing it to the trash..... more info & pics under cut

Please dont expect high quality out of the wig and coat.....it was from my earlier cosplay days........

Wig info:

Price: $15US
Material:  Made from a halloween wig and styled and set with glue
Bang length: approximately 8-9 inches from the top of the head
Antennae: 3.5 inches
Braid: 6 inches from base of head

- should fit most people.......i say  head radius of around 22-24inches?  been in my closet for a couple of years....worn only once...so its a little squished XDDDDD

coat info:

Price: $25US
material: some sort of red polyester material thats stretches veryveryvery little..kinda elasticy and water-repellentish?
shoulder-shoulder: approximately 20-21inches
shoulder to wrist: approximately 23inches
base of neck to end of coat: approximately 44inches
back width: approximately 19inches
underarm-underarm (on the back): approximately 22inches

- i generally wear women's coat size Medium and men's coat size small (i like my coats a bit looser)
- only about 30% of the edges are finished, so the rest are raw unfinished edges...but this fabric doesnt fray too much but i double sewed all the edges
- symbol on back is painted in black arcrylic and i know not very accurate........but it doesnt come off and is water resistant
- the hood is lined with the same material...but the rest of the coat isnt lined
- worn only once

sorry for the bad quality pics......

- if you wish to purchase both items the price will be $35US
- shipping price depends on location so please feel free to ask for a quote or if you have any questions.

I ship worldwide and only take paypal....please leave a comment here with a method of contact where i can reach you asap or email me at siberian _ bugnuks @ hotmail.com (take out the spaces please ^_^)

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