Kyeria Moderator (cityofleisure) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Kyeria Moderator

Kyeria: a multifandom resort rpg

here's the thing.
You're doing whatever you normally do. Fightin monsters? Solvin' mysteries? That's boss. Though some series of events, you check your mail, 'cause everybody's gotta check their mail, right? The letters are ordinary. Bill, bill, bill, wedding invitation, You may have already won!, magazine... and a weird, really thick letter, like those You’ve been accepted to Stanford University! letters. You’re compelled to open it.

The envelope contains a letter of introduction from a Mr. Romeo Roman. Kinda stupid name, right? It flows. Whatever. Along with the letter from Mr. Roman, there is a brochure depicting a vast vacation display, complete with luxurious hotel rooms, an amusement park, a bar, restaurants, whatever. You name it. Oh, right, and it’s all expenses paid. Whether you’re interested or not, there’s a card-key stuck to the back of the brochure with that sticky, gelly stuff that you like to pull off gift cards and roll into little balls.

You set the brochure aside and go about your business. More monster-fightin’, more mystery-solvin’. You eventually lay your head down… and you fall asleep abnormally quickly.

You wake up in a hotel room.

Welcome to Kyeria.

X-posted A LOT, sorry if you see this more than once~
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