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how a world came to be

because I was really bored and tend to overanalyze things  I decided to try and put together a possible FMA!world history that would detail some of the linguistic, historic, and cultural trends that could have caused modern Amestris (and her surrounding countries) to be what they are in the series.

The result is a timeline covering approximately 11,000 years and mapping out some of the major events in the history of the FMA!world (specifically, anime!verse.  The timeline should be completely anime compliant, and as such cannot be manga compliant, because there are cultural and historical differences between the two).  I originally made this for the purpose of fanficcing, but figured it might interest other people.  Any ideas/ suggestions / criticisms would be quite welcome.

why Ed, Al, and Winry could have had a pet platypus while growing up, and other amusing things

*warning: just a bit image heavy; there are maps

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