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Selling: Movie DVD Box - Special Edition

I hope I'm not breaking any community rules with this. XD;
Some years ago I bought from Amazon Jp the limited edition dvd box of "Conqueror of Shamballa", but now I'm in dire need of space and money so.. is anyone interested in buying it?
It's the Japanese edition but it has English subtitles (the main reason why I'd bought it in the first place) and it comes with some cool special dvds and goods. <3
Since it's an original from Japan the DVD region code is 2, so to watch it on a dvd player you'll need either an all regions DVD player or a Region 2 player.

First of all, I apologize about the quality of the pictures, but all I have to take them is a cheap mobile phone ;_; I can try to scan something if you want more detailed images. You can see the whole set in the official picture I linked above, though. :3

The case (there's Alphonse on the back):

There are 3 DVDs inside, each with its own case, plus a guide book and a set of postcard sized prints which I guess can be framed if you want.. but I never took mine out of their envelope.

The first dvd is the movie itself, while the other two are a "Making of + Talk Session" and an "Audio commentary + Trailers". I honestly don't remember whether the special features are English subbed as well or not, but if you want me to check I will! XD;

I took photos of a couple of pages of the guidebook, you can see it here and here. Basically it contains some pages of interviews, the backgrounds used for the movie, some preliminary sketches and scenes from the movie with commentary.

Price, method of payment, shipping:

The original price was ¥ 6,630 (which is now about 60$) and I'd like to sell it for about that price since it's still in almost mint conditions.. but I can negotiate! Feel free to make offers.
I accept Paypal and I'd send via registered mail since I don't trust the Italian postal service at all XD; The cost would be about 9€ if you're in Europe and 18$ for everywhere else (unfortunately the dvd box is a bit heavy ;_;) If you think it's too expensive, I can send internationally using unregistered mail for 10$ but I won't be held responsible if the package gets lost.
There are other payment methods I can accept, but only if you live in Italy.
If you have any question, feel free to ask ^^

Thanks for looking! ^^
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