Atia, Goddess of Atia (collaring) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Atia, Goddess of Atia

ATIA AMAT OMNES: A multi-fandom RPG. With sex.


Welcome to Atia. Atia amat omnes. Atia loves all.

At first glance, Atia is a beautiful, breath-taking place: a gorgeous seaside city wrapped up in classical antiquity, Greco-Roman architecture with modern conveniences. Paradise, if you actually want to be there, a lover's warm embrace. Most of the citizens are willingly lost within it. And they are happy to serve Mistress Atia, the ambiguous ruler from which its namesake is derived.

However, within its walls, something not quite dark, but most definitely curious, dwells. The city is fueled by need, greed, desire, lust, passion. Heat and sweat and bodies and friction. Above all, it is hungry for SEX, more dire than any metaphor could illustrate. There is an unspoken rule: fornication for prosperity. Is that not the nature of existence itself, after all? Without it, Atia will cease to exist.

There are legends, tales from long ago that speak of a place in which its prudish people rebelled against their ruler, and refused to replenish the world. In the end, they suffered greatly: they ceased to exist. What exactly happened depends on who you ask; some say they simply let themselves die out, and others that their city was swallowed up by the sea. It is a story that strikes enough fear in the hearts of the people today to urge them to do what they must do.

Not to say that many of them don't enjoy these raunchy escapades; quite the contrary, and for those not quite feeling the mood, there are all sorts of drugs and modifications available to assist. And it is not reproduction that is asked of them: any sex, between any gender, will feed the city's hunger.

But there is something more that urges them on in these times, including the newcomers: a collar fastened tightly around all their necks; any color, any material, any shape or form, but always completely irremovable. The longer one goes without sex, the tighter it becomes, and without proper care, it could very well choke and slowly kill it's bearer.

Welcome to Atia. Atia amat omnes. Atia loves all.


Amat Omnes is a multi-fandom RPG based around sex. With plot!

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