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"By Any Other Name"- Edward Rose fic, Part 1/3

Title: By Any Other Name
Part: 1/3
Rating: R
Length: (this part) 4, 645 words
Pairing: Ed/Rose primarily,  hints of other pairings throughout (a few lightly Roy/Ed scented jokes in this chapter)
Genre: Slight AU, Drama, Gen, Un-Romance
Spoilers: Full Series, slight mention of the movie
Warnings: Language, Violence, Non-graphic descriptions of sex between teenagers, Teen pregnancy, References to rape

Summary: It's funny how such a huge mistake can be made so easily.  Edward and Rose find themselves connected inextricably through a sin they share.
Other Notes: This fic has been on and off production for over two years, starting as a drabble to fill in a dare-like challenge, and quickly taking on a story of its own, which- as many who helped with this can testify to- has veritably eaten my soul.  Sprouting as it did from a drabble, this story is meant to flow as a singular piece, but noting the size it has grown to, I have cut it into three parts for manageability.

Part 1 (link to my fandom journal)

"Her first time was supposed to be on her wedding night..."
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