Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Jai Graham

[DS] LAST CHANCE - Lowered Prices on Fullmetal Alchemist DVD SET & More!!

Hi guys - this is going to be my last call on the remaining Fullmetal Alchemist items before I go on Vacation. This should be my last sales post on these items for the summer, please get them while you can.

I've lowered the prices on EVERYTHING and added some new goodies, too!!

Don't like my price? Let me know your best offer and we'll work something out!!


:: Terms & Conditions of Sale

o All items are shipped from New Hampshire, USA from a smoke free home.
o Items owned by an adult collector and are in outstanding condition unless otherwise noted.
o Items will be coming from an environment shared with two short-haired cats.
o I only accept PayPal as a form of payment. I am a verified buyer/seller.
o Prices do not include shipping! Buyer is responsible for any/all USPS fees, including delivery confirmation and insurance - should the item be lost and insurance is not purchased, I cannot be held responsible.
o I am happy to ship overseas, buyer assumes all costs.
o What you see is what you get - NO RETURNS!
o Holds for 24 Hours ONLY.
o Please feel free to ask any/all questions. I am happy to provide more information as necessary!

Thank you!!

Feedback at crayon_ninja!!

:: Fullmetal Alchemist Official U.S. DVDs Vol. 1-7

Sold as a set only.

o Asking Price $80 $65!! or Best Offer!!

:: Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Vol. 1-6

:: Asking Price $30 $25!!

:: The Art of Fullmetal Alchemist [hardbound]

:: Asking Price $10 $8!! SOLD to sister_coyote

:: Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Cards [Japanese]

These cards are much larger than American cards and came three to a package.

:: Asking Price $7 $5!!

:: Fullmetal Alchemist Blindbox Figurines

This isn't a particularly flattering picture of any of them, but I have one of each character available:

o Alphonse
o Winry
o Hawkeye SOLD to sister_coyote

:: Asking Price $6 each $5 each!!

:: Roy & Edward Vinyl Keychains

I am currently not at home and don't have photos here at the moment, but will provide my own pictures for those interested.

I have one of each character, out of package and gently loved:

o Roy Mustang
o Ed Elric

:: Asking Price $5 each

:: Fullmetal Alchemist DVD Tins

:: Asking Price $10 each or $25 for all three SOLD to sayhello

Thank you for looking!! Please feel free to ask any/all questions!!
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