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Proof that the FMA art style is contagious.

Nix, this is for you.

Okay, so I'm doodling in my sketchbook (like always) and, being a dutiful little fangirl, I'm drawing Harry Potter characters. You know, there's a lot of them, there's no set design for them, and they're fun to draw. I was a little surprised to find that some of them looked a little . . . familiar.

I swear, the art style is contagious.

1. Ginny has Hawkeye/Winry bangs.
2. Harry . . I just put him on because it's the first time I feel I've drawn him decently.
3. Severus . . . he looks like Mustang to me. With Ed's bangs.
4. Lily. Again with the Hawkeye/Winry hair . . .
5. Sirius. Looks like Kimbly. I'm scared now . . .
6. Lupin. Well, I just wanted a 6th face to balance things out . . . I don't really like this drawing. ><

But as for the others - anyone else see a resemblance?
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