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02 August 2008 @ 07:27 pm
FIC: Altered Perception, CH: 11  
Title: Altered Perception
Rating: R
Characters: Havoc and Mustang mostly, with bits of Ed, Al, Hughes, Hawkeye, and Breda (no pairing)
Warnings: Kinda violent
Summary After Havoc goes AWOL while on a mission, everyone starts to wonder why he is acting so strangely.

Here's chapter 11: Riza closed the file on her lap and sat back in the rickety chair in defeat. The uneven chair legs tottered as she leaned back and she felt a tiny thrill of vertigo before quickly righting herself. The jostling almost sent the papers on her lap scattering to the floor, but she managed to grab the folders and clipboard before their contents could spill too much.

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dreamer1789dreamer1789 on August 3rd, 2008 11:16 am (UTC)
And so we approach the point in the story where something is gonna have to give. You've built it up well. I found the argument about why a State Alchemist killed the Rockbells fascinating.
With all the trauma going round, you'd think the people who went through the Ishbal campaign spent years in therapy. ;)
kashicatkashicat on August 3rd, 2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
They probably should have spent years in therapy, heh. Which makes you wonder just how many traumatized people there were (especially alchemists) running around Amestris, just ready to snap.
kashicatkashicat on August 3rd, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
Oh man. So many more revelations! You wonder what Riza could have discovered that will maybe make Kimbley willingly go. And will any of Roy's people retain their respect for him by the time this is over?? gnawing fingernails

I did have to laugh, though, at the alligator.