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Yes, that's right...

It's, yes you guessed it; Greed Fanart.

Now with a new lemon-fresh scent, and a higher rating! PG-13 for Greed-nudity! Or at least, he'd be nude if Kimblee weren't sitting in his lap.

Loosely inspired by Everyone Wants by Harukami. (Link)

I say loosely because I'm fairly certain they were wearing clothes in that story. I could be wrong. It has no background, 'cause the one I had looked really shitty on the 'net. That's why it's boring. >_>

Yeah, there are so many things wrong with this (art wise, not OMGWTF wise. But that too); but I drew it about 4:40 this morning. I was tired and it was dark.
...but it's uh, pretty in color?

I thought about cross-posting to the Kimblee community..but I think everyone in there is also a member of this community, so just
crossposted to my journal.
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