Feriowind (feriowind) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart - Ed stuff

Some more Ed fanart from me again. He really is still my favorite character to draw.... One's for the fma_tarot, and the other one is a strange, cracky, crossover, crossdressing Ed..... Yeah....

Rated PG overall, and no spoilers.

Pretty straight forward drawing. Not much to say about it really.

My friend forced asked me to draw this for her as payment for all the times I've mooched off of her, so umm, yeah.

In which Ed proclaims his hatred for the twisted people who humiliate him by forcing him to wear women's clothing.

Here's a challenge for those of you looking at this piece. If you can guess who Ed is dressed up as, and from what series, I'll give you a free art request. Here's a hint: it's a tv show.

Oh, someone got it! Yes, Ed is dressed up as Sarah from the show, Chuck.

First drawing took around 2 hours, second took around 1.
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