Hope (peace_of_hope) wrote in fm_alchemist,

late posting of FMA cosplay pics from AB '08

These are really really late cosplay photos from when I attended Anime Boston 2008 (this was in March) and I have only just gotten around to uploading them on Photobucket.

Anime!Ed and movie!Al cosplay: Ed was placed by myself and Al was played by my girlfriend. The random Hughes cosplay is someone we saw there.

Mechanic Winry and movie!Al My girlfriend cosplayed movie Al for two days, but I did mechanic Winry since I hate her movie costume and this was much cheaper to assemble. Note: next Win cosplay, I AM cutting the wig. I know it's a bit too long for Winry.

cosplay pics from the FMA panel. This wasn't us, but there was an FMA panel that was a mock trial of things characters did, etc. and I took some pictures.

Guests of honor at the convention included Colleen Clinkenbeard and Aaron Dismuke. I took pics during their respective panels, which may be found here and here

I've been to cons before, but this was my first big one and it was really quite a shock coming from Alabama to Boston. If you were the really nice Riza who let me squish in the Aaron Dismuke line, then arigato gozaimasu. And if you were the Envy who kept yelling "shrimp!" at me, then all I have to say is, "fetus!"

I'd love to know or see any other pics people took of my girlfriend and myself, or even just, "hey, I remember you!" I'm afraid my accent and "y'all" was more memorable than my cosplay XD
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