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General Ficcage.

Neither of these have been Beta read.... I wrote them for Prompt if you want, a list on LJ that focuses on working with RPG Muses, but you write little fics with them. I've been writing Edward of late. They're more like drabbles really.

2 FMA Fan fics
Warnings:Possible Movie and Series spoilers
Characters: Ed Elric
Rating: G
Fic type General though they do have heapings of angst.

Fic 1 Father and Family
Getting home to Al, was all he could think of. The 16 year old sat hunched over his desk, and studied the blue prints before him. University was harder than he thought, and it didn't help that his father wasn't there. The last letter he got from the old bastard said he was visiting with a professor at oxford, someone connected with the Barebones society and possibly the Thule.

Typical, mystical mumbo jumbo wasn't going to get them back to Amestris and Al. Science would, and Edward Elric would do anything to return to his brother. He scribbled down notes, mind struggling to focus on the figures before him, yet he kept going back to his father and brother. Family he was nothing without them. For the least several years of his life, flesh and blood was all he lived for.

And he couldn't help but be disappointed in the fact that his father has once more left him alone to fend for himself, like he had done for his mother. How in hell could he claim family was the same for him?

Flustered, Ed pressed harder on his paper with his pencil and felt his pencil snap. He was angry. The old Bastard left or had claimed it was for the sake of family. Yet Ed's definition of family was far different. There was no separation. You fought together. You never left them behind. But Hohenheim Elric seemed to make it a life long career leaving them behind for the sake of protecting family.

In the end, Edward would never understand his father even if he was family.

Fic 2 Snow

It was cold out. Edward Elric stepped out on the sidewalk and turned his toward the sky. Snow drifted lazily down and dotted the cobblestone streets around him. He closed his eyes, and felt the cool wet kiss of the sky’s frozen tears on his cheeks. He had always liked the snow in the past. It reminded him of home now. He glanced around the street as he started to walk and watched the flakes drift and dance to the cold earth. The snow was sticking and coming down faster now. The flakes were large and delicate with interconnect lacy crystals. Just like the snow at home.

The young man inhaled, and shoved his hands deep into his pockets and watched the men near the beer hall as they huddled around burning barrels for warmth. They’d be burning marcs that night, Ed thought. Money was worthless these days and the snow made warmth worth more.

The walk took Edward to the Odeonsplatz. Snow already covered the stones with a blanket of white and the arched colonnade itself was difficult to see though the white haze now. Edward slowed his walk and looked around. The dirty streets of Munich had transformed into a white snowy landscape, and it looked beautiful. Suddenly, he forgot about being lost, and away from his own world. The snowy day was captivating.

He extended a hand, and caught a flake and watched it melt away. How many times had he and Al caught the flakes on their tongues out in their backyard? Snow, it was the same wherever you went. It blanketed the streets or fields with cool breath taking beauty. Edward Elric smiled, maybe he’d talk Heidrich into going out and making some snow balls when he got back from University.
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