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Looking for an Ed for my Roy... 18+ RPG X-posted

The short: I am looking for an Ed for my Roy to RP with. Read all of this post, and if you're interested, send me a similar application as mine below... or just your Name, Age (must be 18+), writing experience (years, plus several samples), and limits.

Name: Grygon
Contact Info: (AIM/YIM after we establish ourselves as writing partners)
Age: 27

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy X Ed yaoi
Preferred character to play: Roy. I play Roy best. I can give Ed a good shot though, if you feel strongly about playing Roy.

Game Type: Email.
Preferred rating: up to NC-17 (language, possible violence, definite sex and possible kink/BDSM)

Limits:(what I will NOT do) The only things I will not do are scat and rape. Everything else I'll try at least once if I haven't already.

Seeking: I am seeking to write a RoyEd collaboration. It will have plenty of plot, but also plenty of sex. I want to use a prompt-community such as 50_rps to organize our chapters into a collaborative fan fiction to share with others. The plot-line could be canon (manga OR anime) or could be AUS (RoyEd in modern America, or inside BBIverse) or furture-verse (what happens years after manga or anime). I am flexible and one of the first hings we'll do after deciding to write together is sit down and discuss possible plot and story lines.

Experience: I have been writing fan fiction and Role Playing in various fandoms since 1997ish. I've been RPing as Roy for 2 years (actually in June will be my 2 year anniversary!). Samples of my past RPG as Roy can be found beneath the cut.

= = =

Roy wasn't in the mood.

Still, it might save him from becoming completely drunk and ending up with a hangover in his office the next day.

Folding the book on the chair arm he sat at, he stood and stretched before wobbling a step, finding his balance, and stalking up to his door. "Its like you-" he broke off, eyes falling from where he had expected Hughes' head to be down to Ed's. "Ed..." There was a moment's shock in his eyes as he saw Ed there, cold and wet and miserable. Hesitating a moment he then opened the door for Ed.

= = =

Roy smiled and obeyed, kissing Ed lovingly. He loved the sound of his name coming from these lips pressed against his. It had never sounded right when he tried to imagine it. But just now it had sent a tremble up his spine, and suddenly he wanted to hear Ed in breathless ecstasy, panting his name...

His hands explored Ed's back and sides, idly tracing the curve where his auto-mail attached his shoulder blade before trailing down and around to unbuckle his pants.

= = =

He did like Ed's hair down and when he turned, with that sweet smile on his face, Roy reached up and ran two fingers through a strand. He shrugged lightly. "Just making sure you're comfortable." And really staying for a while... but he couldn't say that. "I like waking up with you," he admitted.

Leaning over he kissed Ed, his fingers exploring his hair. It was nice and soft like this. The possessive side of him was glad Ed didn't wear it down when he went out; he wanted to be the only one who saw his lover like that. "You didn't have to make the bed," he said when he took notice of it's crisp appearance thanks to Ed this morning.

= = =

(those 3 samples are from a 2 year running RPG I had with Crimson_Lantern... her life is so hectic now that we've put the 2 games we played together on the back burner for a while, but I hope to continue them for our readers'/followers' sake after she is settled again)

Notice: Wasn't sure what else to call this part... except that I want to call notice to it?

If I decide to call off our RPG it's nothing personal. You could have an excellent writing style and maybe I loved your writing samples/fan fic (therefore invited you to write a RP/collab with me). But that doesn't mean that we'll automatically be a perfectly matched/compatible writing couple.

There will be a trial period that could last any where from a few emails, to a few months. But if at some point I inform you we're just not meshing well... do not take it personally.

And you, feel free to inform me the same if you're not enjoying yourself. I will be sad, ofcourse, but not insulted.
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