Bringing Order into your Chaos (okami_hu) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Bringing Order into your Chaos

Looking for betas

To those who remember the story titled "Ishbal Dreams', and those who don't: we're (once again) looking for betas to correct spelling, tense and grammar mistakes. The fic is currently 31 chapters long and there will be a few more, but you DON'T need to do all - it's fine if you take one or two, do it then disappear like ALL of our previous betas did. ^^ The story is written in present tense and contains HEAPS of dirty sex and a plethora of crack couples. If you're interested, take a look HERE, and report there or here with the number/s of the chapter/s you'd like to correct.

Thank you.

x posted on fma_yaoi & hughesxroy
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