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FMA tarot

Mods, feel free to ostracize me if this isn't allowed.

So, I've got a project to propose for all the artists hanging around here. I've done a work up for a Fullmetal Alchemist tarot deck. Unfortunately, not being in possession of, y'know, artistic talent, I'm really just an idea person. What I think would be cool, though, is a deck done by different artists in the fandom.I'd be willing to print and distribute copies of the deck if it gets finished.

This is what I've come up with. Associations, notes, example images, etc. A quick Google can get you plenty of good resources for card meanings, and Wikipedia's a surprisingly good place to look. Thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome, since I'd like this to be a collaborative project.

Major Arcana
0: The Fool – Ed. Younger (12-14), standard black and red outfit, slightly more aggressive than the typical pose for the Fool.

I: The Magician – Al. Don’t know if he should be human or armor, either works with the card.

II: The High Priestess – Rose.

III: The Empress – Winry. Possibly holding a wrench, rather than a scepter. Maybe sitting at a workbench.

IV: The Emperor – Father

V: The Hierophant – Hoenheim

VI: The Lovers – the Tringham brothers. Sitting back to back, looking up, maybe a forest background.'Amoureux-The-Lovers.jpg

VII: The Chariot – Roy

VIII: Strength – Hawkeye

IX: The Hermit – Marcoh

X: The Wheel of Fortune – the Human Transmutation array

XI: Justice – Armstrong. Possibly standing, rather than seated. Shirtless, complete with sparkles. ^_^

XII: The Hanged Man – Hughes. Everybody remember the purple pants and sandals from episode 5? Yeah. Also, in some decks, the Hanged Man is tied to the tree, rather than suspended from it, and the mode of suspension is variable. Maybe a stone column?

XIII: Death – Scar. You can have some fun with this, since Death is usually a skeleton with a scythe on a horse. Images here are very open to interpretation, just keep in mind the underlying meaning of the card. This example card is from the Bohemian Gothic deck, rather than Rider-Waite. I’m seeing Scar in Ishbalan robes standing over a pile of dead soldiers. …maybe that’s just me.

XIV: Temperance – Pinako. Example is also not from Rider-Waite because I like the image of the old woman.

XV: The Devil – Dante. I’m thinking Lyra!Dante, but old!Dante works, too. You just have to get away from the fat old man image Rider-Waite uses.

XVI: The Tower – the statue of Leto

XVII: The Star – Alfons. Not a woman, not naked (unless you really feel the need). Otherwise, go to town. Several examples, the only consistence elements are stars (obviously) and water.

XVIII: The Moon – Izumi. Some Moon cards only have animals in the image, clearly not an option here. The most iconic image is a woman holding up the moon (see second url).

XIX: The Sun – Trisha. Possibly the house in Rizembool.

XX: Judgment – The Gate. Example images probably won’t help you with this one, but here’s the Rider-Waite, anyway.

XXI: The World – Ed. Again, not a woman. Nakedness still optional. Older, outfit from movie. Something like this image, maybe: (w/o Al).

Minor Arcana
Blades (swords) – Ed. Ace of Blades is the automail blade.
Bowls (cups) – Al
Shields (coins/pentacles) – Roy. My roommate (and fellow fan) suggests also Arrays or Circles.
Bars (staffs/rods/wands) – Winry

Face: Card image, blue border, white Roman numerals (upper-case for Major Arcana, lower for minor), no words
Back: Black background with red serpentine cross

Does this sound like a good idea to anyone but me?
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