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Fanart - More Vagabonds stuff

I think I'll be mainly drawing for my series for a while...

Ohmygodguys, I drew Winry! ....OHMYGODGUYS, I DREW A GIRL! :O 'Tis a miracle, it is! This is actually my first time ever drawing her, and I took an itty bitty liberty on her design since she's like, what, 22 in the picture? I also drew a gag disguise for Ed and Al~

Rated G and PG for Ed in only his shorts, and no spoilers!

Haha, drew this for fun after the idea got stuck in my head....

Yes, I realize Al's head is much larger than Ed's. I tend to not realize these things until after I've gone and shaded the whole dratted thing!

Ed gets refitted with new automail.

The story behind this picture is that Ed discovers he needs to be refitted with new automail after hearing that it's required when traversing through the blizzards of Drachma. He and Al then risk a visit to Winry, who they haven't seen since they first came back just barely a year ago. Winry is surprised at their appearance, but invites them in quickly.
In the several years the two brothers were gone, Winry had become a fairly famous automail mechanic, having done the automail for the infamous Edward Elric. However, because of her association with Ed, she had been put under watch by the military after news of Ed and Al's return reached the Amestrian government. Which, of course, make Ed and Al's visit very risky indeed. Winry is persistent that they stay however, though that doesn't make either of the Elrics any less paranoid. The brothers end up staying for only a week before leaving once more.

First drawing took an hour, the second took 2.
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