Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Pairing slogans

For fun and productivity.  Among the fanart prints I've been hoping to make for KakkoiCon in august, my current pet project is to print various pairing pictures in the form of small ID cards, to fill in the cliche of "Card-Carrying ______ shipper". 

But these OTP member cards should also have slogans for their ships, and in that area, I could use some suggestions for FMA ship slogans. 

Ex.- an idea tossed in as I discussed this with hieronymousb -  "Envy x Everyone:  None of them realize it."

What pairings would you like to carry a card for?  What would be good slogans for them?  Have you done Envy by accident?
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