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City of Circadia }Mod{

It’s so surreal, it’s almost like a dream. While you explore a sky-less, walled city, you pass people - some of whom you know, some of whom you’ve never seen before. It feels like déjà vu.

Then you awake, to find that it really was a dream. You go about your normal life, but within a month, you dream again, the exact same thing every time you sleep. Eventually you're there so often that you have two lives: one awake, and one dreaming.

And all of the dream people are as real as you.


cityofcircadia is a multifandom roleplay allowing all canon fictional characters. It is a game in which characters begin to dream of a city located in an underground cavern of unknown location and will meet people they have never seen before. . . and some that they have. Eventually, they will come to learn that these dreams are a little more than just dreams; they aren’t the only ones dreaming of the City of Circadia.

Within this dreamscape, strange things begin to happen. Perhaps things turn an interesting hue of blue when they’re supposed to be of another color, or the city appears to be underwater and all the inhabitants into merpeople - it is a dream, after all, and dreams can be entirely unpredictable.

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