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Massive Doujinshi Sale ^_^

Massive Doujinshi Sale

Hi everybody! Okay, so here’s the thing…I’m selling of about HALF of my massive FMA Doujinshi collection to help raise funds for my booth at this up coming A-kon in Dallas Texas. (Why, YES, I will be there selling much in the way of hot hot FMA yaoi art) I have about 23 books up for grabs, 20 FMA and 3 Trigun, and rather than try to sell them on E-bay I thought I’d give you all first crack at them as I <3 the community so much. ^_^

Any who…. 

 1.) Best Quality Alchemist Staff, a 70 page Doujin with 2 full stories, some little one shots and a novel in the back. (NC-17)   $20.00

2.) A very pretty Roy X Ed (NC-17)  $10.00

3.) Roy X Ed (NC-17)   $10.00

4.) Roy X Ed (NC-17)  $10.00

5.) Royx Ed (Nc-17)  $10.00

6.) Roy X Ed (Nc-17)  $10.00

7.) Ed X Al (Nc-17) Ed and Al in the shower having naughty-bad-fun-times  $10.00 (SALE PENDING)

8.) Roy X Ed (NC-17)  $10.00

9.) Charlotts Present, Roy X Ed, (NC-17)  $10.00

10.) Wonder Bout, Havoc X Ed, (R)  $10.00

11.) Magnum 55, Roy X Ed, 8 stories!  Most of them are super cute, but there's two slightly R rated ones in the back. Very Funny Stuff.  $20.00

12.) Roy X Ed, Two Stories each from each other's pov.  VERY WELL DRAWN! it looks just like the manga.  $10.00

13.) Roy X Ed.   $10.00

14.) Ed X himself....He tries to make a new body for Al, but Mustang finds him out... (PG-13)  $10.00

15.) Roy X Ed (NC-17)  $10.00

16.) Super cute AU where the gang go under cover at a hospital with Dr Mustang and Nurs Ed trying to catch Scar. Also two VERY CUTE shorts in the back (tiny Ed, and Neko RoyXEd)  $10.00 (Sale Pending)

17.) Maximum Egoiste, Roy X Ed, Comedy.  Super funny about how Ed does not wish to be drawin into yaoi with Mustang, but Roy is all about it. ^_^  $10.00

18.) SIC, RoyX FemED, AU where Dr. Roy Mustang has a young female Ed to practice his bead side manor on. (Okay, Okay, I didn't see the boob when I bought it...but it's actually really well done if you're into het. ^_^)  $10.00 (SOLD)

19.) NekoMilk, Neko RoyX Neko Ed. SUPER CUTE!! Ed gets lost in the rain and Kitty Roy braves the storm to save him. Kitty Smexing to follow. (NC-17)  $10.00 (Sale Pending)

20.) a 34 page novle, no drawings.  I don't read Japanese good enough to be able to say one way or the other, but I'm hoping that someone on this list will like it and tell me what it is. ^_^  $5.00

21.) Vash X Wolfwood trigun Doujin. (NC-17)  $10.00

22.) Vash and Wolfwood.  An AU of the first meeting of the two. Vash is MUCH cooler and Wolfwood is the goofball. Very well drawn.   $10.00

23.) Vash and Wolfwood. Wolfwood fights Lagato, and realizes his feelings for Vash in the process. Very sweet with cool action.  $10.00

Okay, so that's the lot.  All of these books are in PERFECT condition ( I takes care of my books ^_^).  Like I said, I'd rather share them with you guys than with strangers on teh E-bayz anyday. 

I'm only taking Pay Pal payments, that way I know you're at least 18.

So, please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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