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Fanfiction Oneshots

Since other people are posting links to their fanfiction and not getting slammed for it, I guess it's alright. :'D

Title : Brotherhood
Author : MilesTailsPrower-007
(Which is actually just me under my usual username.)
Genre : Family
Rating : G? (There could be some "damnit", but I doubt that scares anyone.)
Disclaimer : Characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa, and boy, am I glad!
Characters : Ed and Al
Spoilers : Brief chapter 52 spoiler at some point, but you're warned before then.
Summary : Brotherhood, the one thing Ed and Al have that refuses to be torn away. Collection of brotherly oneshots of varying length. No OCs or pairings. Reviews appreciated!

“Hey… are you okay?” Al clanks himself to a stop, staring at his brother’s flamelled back.

“Yeah, it’s nothing. Forget it.” He turns and eyes the armor suspiciously. “Why are you so interested all of a sudden?”

“This time of year is special to me,” he informs very honestly. “It reminds me of home. Mom. Winry. Dad. I want you to enjoy it, too. Well, what you can, anyway. Be happy we were even this lucky, just for today.”


“It’s just… you’re…”

He waits for the end of the sentence, but it never comes. He doesn’t press, though, accepting what his little brother did say as a reasonable request. He smiles properly. “Don’t get so mushy! If we keep standing here, you’re going to get frozen in place.”

Al walks over and gives him a whack across the back of the head. “You’re a jerk,” he laughs. “Do you know that?”

It's actually over on FF.Net, if that's okay.

Link to Story @
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