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Fanart - Illustrations for my plotbunnies

Okay, so about 2 days ago, I was struck rather viciously by a plotbunny, and then just today I was struck again by another one. I liked both of them so much that I just HAD to draw them out!

Both are all around craaazy stories that if anyone should ever attempt to write, would probably turn out novel-sized, I think.

Rated G, and yes, there are spoilers for the movies in these drawings!

Okay, the idea I had for this picture is this.

- Ed, Al, and Heiderich (he lives!) hitchhike across America to the west coast when they discover clues of another way to get home. They get picked up by a travelling circus/freak show, and end up working with the travelling show when they find out they're both heading to the same destination. (Ed and Al become one of the attractions, like as acrobats, or maybe display their martial arts, while Heiderich, and maybe Ed too, make fireworks/rockets for shows.)

The prompt for this one is this:

- Ed and Al, after getting back to their own world, find out that they've become branded as mass murderers, with Ed being blamed for the Liore Massacre, and Al being blamed for the invasion by the Thule Society in Central. Both are quite intent remaining free, so they decide to run away before the government can realize they're even back in the first place. Of course, life has never been kind to them, because soon they're wanted criminals again after several people report sightings of them. Roy, who at this time has achieved a high status in the government/military, does what he can to both protect Ed and Al, and track them down, since Ed and Al never bothered to say hi to him after they came back. In their time gone, the pair travel around the world, never staying in one place for too long in fear of being captured. Neither Ed and Al use much alchemy too, with the reason being a) it would attract more attention then what they'd be comfortable with and b) the knowledge of the energy needed to power alchemical reactions, as in souls, make using alchemy even less attractive. So, with only their brains to help them out, the two live as drifters for nearly 5 years, and occasionally become the two mysterious heroes who save the day in some lonely, rural town. Ed and Al, however, finally find their way back to Central when news of the appearance new Homunculi/Chimera/etc. emerge, and discover that they would once more need to go and protect the people they care for.

Rather long prompt, I know, but that plotbunny is currently festering in my brain, and demands that I draw more art for it, which I am doing right now....

I imagine both to be still out of place even as vagabonds, with Al being painfully nice and polite, and Ed being rather...odd for keeping his hair so long and always wearing his clean, white gloves.

Heee, if anyone can write either of these bunnies for, then I will shower you with drawings of whatever the hell you want me to draw!

Both drawings took me around an hour to do.
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