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FMA Fic: Ed Elric x Jean Havoc

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Ed Elric x Jean Havoc
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: T for Teens
Warning[s]: Suggested Sex and Language
Timeline: After the series... yes ^_^

01 Motion

Today was the day Jean decided and waited in the hall for Edward to be finished his meeting with Mustang, but when the alchemist stormed out of the office, all motion and fangs, Jean thought tomorrow might be a better day to ask him out.


02 Cool

“Okay Jean, just be cool, just be cool; the worst that could happen is he’ll transmute you into a teapot, oh fuck I’m going to die,” Jean said to himself and realized he wasn’t being very cool at all.


03 Young

Seeing Edward with chocolate ice-cream all over his face made Jean think ‘how young is too young?’


04 Last

Jean thought he was the last one the leave the office, so he gathered up his papers and went to lock Mustang’s personal office door, only to see the man in there with a blond alchemist on his desk, on his lap, on the floor, then both on the floor.


05 Wrong

Jean snapped the next day saying, ‘it’s just wrong’, when the office decided to discuss the pairing, and left, “Damn, now they all think I’m some closed minded fuck.”


06 Gentle

Edward lived a rough life by nature, so when possible, he liked things to be gentle but the colonel laughed at this request, calling him cute, and gripping his wrists harder.


07 One

“That’s all I want from you, one lousy word of apology,” Edward shouted at his superior, “but no, you can’t even give me that!”


08 Thousand

Edward slammed his hands on the desk saying, “Am I not worthy of the ‘Great Flame Alchemist’s’ admission of guilt, his regret, maybe even a step back from his pride because I know a thousand people out there who don’t think I’m so worthless!”


09 King

Edward couldn’t even look at the man as he left the office darkly, running over those last words in his head, “Fucking around is one thing Fullmetal, but do you honestly think I can be Fuhrer, be a KING with someone like you by my side?”


10 Learn

The next day Edward put in his transfer papers to Central, he had learned his lesson about screwing in the work place.


11 Blur

The whole ordeal was a blur for Jean when he thought back on Mustang and Ed’s three month ‘relationship’ because there had been very few sober moments to actually think about it.


12 Wait

“Wait Boss, you don’t have to leave just because of him,” Jean pleaded in a last attempt to stop Edward’s move, but one look at the boy and his suitcase told him it was already too late.


13 Change

No one noticed more than Jean the dramatic changes from the angry fifteen year old Edward who left to the stunning seventeen year old Edward who was here, in uniform no less, for the week to deliver news from Central.


14 Command

“What’s it like Edward,” Hawkeye asked as all of them but Mustang sat and ate their lunches, “working directly under the man who’s in command of this country, being his personal alchemist?”


15 Hold

Havoc was surprised by the sudden urge hold to Ed overcame his sense of reason when he saw the blond’s face looking at the close inner office door and it took all he had not to act on it.


16 Need

“I need some air, want to come with me Havoc, so you can have a smoke,” Ed asked and grabbed his black over coat before heading down the hall; Jean was never more thankful that he smoked.


17 Vision

Edward tried to forget the weird pinch in his chest at being backing the East City, where he was, by watching the visions of animals form soothingly in Havoc’s smoke.


18 Attention

They sat outside in a comfortable silence that Edward didn’t know he could have with someone besides Al, maybe he should have paid more attention to Havoc when he was younger.


19 Soul

“You know Boss, being back doesn’t mean you have to look like your soul is ripped in half,” Havoc told him in a casual voice, “because none of us think less of you for leaving.”


20 Picture

Edward studied the blond next to him carefully; he was like a perfect picture of the relaxation and stillness Edward craved for his own life.


21 Fool

Jean wouldn’t fool himself into thinking Edward was taking a liking to him; Ed just wanted to catch up on old times over dinner, that was all, right?


22 Mad

Jean didn’t know why he was so mad, so angry, so very livid that he got up and left when Edward asked ‘So, how has the bastard been?’ in a forced neutral voice.


23 Child

“You’re not a child anymore so I’ll be frank: What do you want from me,” Jean asked heatedly when Ed grabbed his arm to prevent him from escaping their sham of a dinner.


24 Now

Looking at Ed’s dazed expression the sneaky thought of now being an opportunity slipped across Jean’s mind; so he took it along with a quick, chaste kiss then escaped to his apartment to marvel at his own bravado and maybe his own stupidity.


25 Shadow

Jean looked at the shadows under his eyes in the mirror before going to work, was it because he knew he stayed up all night fretting today, the day Ed goes back, that he thought he looked like it too?


26 Goodbye

Reports all in order, bags packed, Edward was ready to return to Central but there was someone he wanted to say goodbye to first.


27 Hide

“As much as I love the fact you deemed it appropriate to hide in your office when the Fuhrer’s personal alchemist comes to visit,” Edward said to the colonel he left behind two years ago, “I thought it necessary to say goodbye and thank you for pushing me away so hard that I found a better life half a country away.”


28 Fortune

It was Edward’s good fortune, or perhaps his cunning, that by changing the driver order form from his name to another one, that he got Havoc to take him to the train station.


29 Safe

He sat in the front seat next to Havoc because Edward Elric never got answers by playing it safe.


30 Ghost

There was a moment of awkward silence when Havoc pulled over the car for Ed to get out and feeling annoyed after the silent car ride, Edward forcefully grabbed Havoc’s collar and ghosted his lips over the other man’s without touching them.


31 Book

Jean couldn’t stop thinking about that brief moment for the rest of the day; in fact it took a book being slammed on his desk and a gun being cocked to make him in register where he was.


32 Eye

“Havoc,” Mustang said from behind his window turned chair, “I know you took Fullmetal to the train station and I want to know if anything out of the ordinary caught your eye.”


33 Never

Jean felt a growl forming in his throat after ten minutes of questioning and orders but managed to keep his voice calm, “You may be my commanding officer, and yes, I would follow you to my death without doubt, I’m that loyal, but never do you have permission or the right to tell me who I can see in my spare time, even if you think Ed is a spy from Central!”


34 Sing

He thought telling off the chief like that would make him feel nauseous, but Jean couldn’t help whistling his favourite tune, wishing only that he could sing it, but decided to not scar his neighbours for life.


35 Sudden

Jean choked on his cigarette when a letter suddenly arrived for him at work with a two way ticket to Central for the up coming holiday weekend.


36 Stop

Edward paced the train platform and hour before Havoc was even expected, wondering when his common sense had stopped working long enough for him to send a train ticket!


37 Time

All the chaos sloshing around in Edward’s head ceased when he saw him step off the train and he yelled, “It’s about time you got here Havoc!”


38 Wash

Once again they were plagued with a teeth grinding silence that Edward hated; what happened to that comfortable companionship from before, he didn’t know, but he wished to have it back and wash his hands of this insanity.


39 Torn

The silence ended abruptly when the front door of Edward’s apartment flew open and they fell in a tangled mess to the floor, all wet kisses, animalistic growls and torn shirts.


40 History

“You can’t hold my history with that bastard against me,” Edward yelled at Jean as the man tried to do his shirt back up without buttons, “and I’m not going to deny any of it or even regret it because it was my choice, my life and now that part is done so get over it!”


41 Power

Jean hated himself for mentioning that he was a ‘replacement’ right in the middle of that, but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that Mustang still had power over him and his romantic life, but he wasn’t certain if him meant Ed or himself.


42 Brother
“Al,” Jean said as he sat down hard on the couch and eyed the brother, no longer in his armour, “I don’t know how to get my head around the fact that once again I am just a ‘Roy Mustang’ fill in.”


43 God

“You have to stop thinking that you’re less than equal to the colonel, he is not some untouchable sex god, just talk to Ed already,” said Al with a sigh and drank his tea.


44 Wall

Jean was pressed fiercely against a wall while a wet tongue explored his neck thinking, ‘This is the best apology acceptance I’ve ever had!’


45 Naked

As they pressed their naked bodies together on the floor, Jean told him self over and over again to not say a damn word this time.


46 Drive

The drive back to the station was calm and sated as Edward smirked when Havoc reached over with his free hand to caress the back of his knuckles.


47 Harm

“So do you think this will work,” Edward asked Havoc as the whistle blew, “I mean, we might just cause more harm than good”


48 Precious

Havoc smiled casually and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s not as if you’re a precious fossil that will break under a little pressure, besides, since when did you care what other people thought Ed?”

49 Hunger

Edward knew he was running short on time as the whistle blew, so he pulled the taller blond in for a quick but hungry kiss.

50 Believe

It may be hard, living so far apart, but as the train pulled away, Edward knew they would find a way and he began to believe in something other than alchemy.

A/N:  Well it has been fun doing this.  I was posting these one at a time on my FF.net account.  I'm sad to be done but I have a sequel to work on.  ;)  Thank you for reading!

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